Monday, March 28, 2011

First Etsy Listing!

I just posted my first listing on Etsy ever! 


I was originally making this as a gender neutral quilt but when it was all said and done, it looks like a boy quilt.

To see the listing on etsy, you can go here:

Friday, March 25, 2011

What Must Eve Have Thought?

First off, let's leave out the whole part about how she got pregnant in the first place. I'm sure there was more humor than anything else...

Second, what must she have thought when her belly expanded and she was throwing up every time she smelled a grapefruit and was making Adam hunt for a wild goat because she just HAD TO HAVE roast goat that night? Did she think she was losing it when she couldn't remember which wine skins were old and which were new?

I'm sure she saw the actual progression of getting pregnant, a belly growing, and birth just in the animals that surrounded her. But that horse can't explain how bad its back hurt or that the flatulence was nearly unbearable or how uncomfortable it was to sleep.

She had no one to give her "when I was pregnant" stories or suggest ginger to help with nausea.

Did Adam give her foot rubs? I sure hope so...

And how did they cut the umbilical cord? Isn't that thing pretty fibrous?

So many questions run through my mind of what it must have been like for her with each new phase of pregnancy. 

Did she worry about stretch marks or did she have no self-image issues at all since she had no one to compare herself to?

Just some random thoughts going through my head as we pass into week 23 and Matt and I can watch little girl moving and kicking around inside my belly.

And lastly, did she find relief from back pain in a tree like this?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Babymoon and The Gender Is...

Gee golly winkins, has it really been three weeks since I posted?

Why don't people say that any more? Its so much nicer and funnier than some modern alternatives.

So The Babymoon.

A wonderful week on Maui, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is expecting! No, it may not be the most financially sound choice, but if you can manage it, its a great way to connect, refresh, and get ready for what's coming ahead.

In Maui we did just want I wanted to (and Matt too, of course). We snorkeled. We lay in the sun. We watched the humpback whales breaching.We walked around in the sun. We ate and ate. We watched more whales. Then we snorkeled some more. Then we ate some more. Then we got gelato.

It was heaven.

And I miss having the ocean as my hair stylist.

Here's a visual recap of our time there. We actually didn't take too many pictures the first couple days because...honestly I think we were too blissfully happy just being there to think about a camera!

Our first night in Ka'anapali

While whale watching, a mom and calf surprised us by surfacing about 50 feet from the boat!

Dad was around too...though he took a dive

My handsome hubby

We got to watch a pod breaching 5 or 6 times and I actually managed to snap the camera in time!

mmm mmm yes please.

We did about half the Road to Hana and walked around a nature trail

At the Maui Ocean Center...I just love whales 

It was fun seeing the names and info of fish we had seen while snorkeling...or maybe we're just nerds...

At 20 weeks...

Snorkeling at Ahihi Kinau Natural Reserve

We finally saw a sea turtle! I just love them!

One of two pics of us together on the trip, lol

A few days after we got home, Matt and I headed to the ultrasound lab to find out the gender. Seeing as Matt, his dad, my grandma and I have all dreamed that it was a boy, you can imagine our surprise when it was a

Yup, we are having a baby girl and are starting to shift our minds from football and mud to...well let's face it our daughter will probably like football and mud as well as princess stories.

Here's our Little One at 20 weeks

The new 3D is really great to see! It looked like she was waving at us! She was so squirmy it took a lot longer than usual for the nurse to get all the measurements she needed...I think she's going to be an active one!

That pretty much catches us up to date.

Oh, and here's a belly update as of Week 22:

I finally had to break down and buy maternity pants. Bye bye skinny jeans...