Sunday, April 20, 2014

The End is Near!

Well, seeing as my last post was quite a while ago how's about a quick catch up?

We'll start with the here and now. Thirty-seven weeks pregnant with Kenna Curran Palmer.

Kenna is Gaelic for fiery, beautiful, and a strong and competent woman.

Curran, as y'all know, is my maiden name. It also comes from the old Gaelic word corradh which means spear. 

Let's rewind to January.  We had days of snow and cold with a few beautiful days thrown in where we got outside and enjoyed the sunshine.

February rolled around and we got Tatum a fish tank for Valentine's Day (lots of time spent "playing" with her fish during snowy and cold days), celebrated Matt's 31st birthday, and instituted "family dates." 

In March we got more snow, made molasses candy a la Laura Ingalls Wilder, did lots of indoor activities like making bird feeders and finger painting, and I finally got my coffee bar area set up.  Mama needs her coffee.

And now we're finally to April. Tatum's first experience dyeing Easter eggs, choosing paint for the nursery and getting things ready for little Kenna to make her grand appearance.  As of yesterday at 37 weeks, I have the green light to have this baby! Of course we're not ready yet so we're hoping she stays snug for at least another week or two!

And most of you know by now about this old/new thing I've discovered--essential oils. These have completely changed our family. I haven't gotten a prescription for my migraines since last March (as in 2013). I used them on Roy's tumor and saved ourselves a $500 vet bill. Every sniffle and bug that has crossed our paths has been dealt with at home--I didn't take Tatum to the doctor in 14 months and when I did it was a checkup and mostly to interview a new doctor for this upcoming baby.  Bonus points for the doctor: when Tatum pulled out a roller of lavender to "play" with, the doctor said, "Oh that's the good stuff!"

Anyways, I've spent hundreds of hours doing research for classes I've been teaching since last summer, and am planning on a Google hangout sometime next week (April 21-26th) to do a basic class on oils.  If you're interested drop me a line.  I'm also going to try to record a class on YouTube, but I find it's easier to answer questions as we go along :-)

That's all for now. I'm always hesitant to share because I'm afraid people will think I'm selling something or hosting "parties," but I've seen so many lives drastically changed in this past year from these oils it feels selfish not to tell people about it. Cancer, thyroid problems, blood pressure, emotional trauma, kidney stones, asthma, name it and "there's an oil for that."  I've said that so many times the past year I think I need a bumper sticker. Or some self-control.

I'm sure there's an oil for that

I had a number of you asking for the Intro Class on YouTube, so here it is! You'll have to excuse some temporary brain lapses--I do have preggo brain and I didn't finish it until 3 in the morning!  If you're interested in the long outline with 3 pages of references I used in my research, drop me a line at and I will send you the PDF.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It's not even technically winter and we've already had our second snow of the season! That makes for one happy pregnant lady!

Yesterday morning while waiting for the storm to roll in, I started putting the lights on the tree and couldn't resist taking pics of my cute helper.

You all know Roy Boy loves the cold and the snow--in fact before it started snowing and was a brisk 20-something degrees he was outside rolling on the grass and barking at himself with sheer glee. 

Last year Tatum liked the snow, too, but being only 1 1/2 she wasn't as able to express it as she is now. This kid LOVES snow. And does the cold bother her? Not a bit. Yesterday it was again in the 20's and with the windchill was close to the single digits, but this bundled baby was happy as could be outside! It was Mama who decided it was time to go in when I couldn't feel my nose anymore...

It snowed most of the day yesterday, and by this morning we had three gleaming inches of powder to play in. Bonus: Daddy was home to play too!

She tried eating the snow...apparently it is not to her liking...

The Miley Cyrus look?

After taking a little tumble (and being checked on by the Boy)...

Daddy showed her how to make a snow angel.  She was not impressed.

Roy sprinted like a banshee...

We all threw snowballs at Roy because he liked it and tried to catch them (most of the time)...

And we thoroughly wore ourselves out. Here's hoping she'll take a good, warm winter's nap!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Jazzed Up Entryway

When we moved into our house one of the things I utterly did not like was the entryway. 

It was dark gray. 

Dreary, dark, depressing. 

It was the door on the cul-de-sac that girls selling cookies wouldn't want to knock on.

The bottom was chipping badly, frayed and scuffed. The whole thing looked dirty. In fact, the day after we closed on our house the first thing I did was get a stiff scrub brush and scrubbed down the entire entry...with red mud running down the walls. Yuck.

However, since I mostly went in and out through the garage things on the inside of the house were more of a priority to get redone. We put a pretty welcome mat there and called it good.

Last May we finally decided it was time to do something about the entryway. A brand new door was not in the budget, so painting was the obvious choice.

After a lot of paint samples, determining what would look good if we left the rest of the exterior the same (the trim and garage door are gray as well...blah), or if we painted it to our preference (either an almost-white gray or a pale pale dusty blue), we decided on our entry colors.

And we decided to go bold. Hey, it's just a door. We painted it in a day, and if we hated it we could always get a small can of paint and redo it again! Why not take a chance?

So we went with Behr's Jazz Blue for the door and Light French gray for the entry.

Last May, while keeping a weather eye out during a tornado watch, we got the entry painted, and primed the trim on the front door. It was warm, muggy, and definitely not the best painting weather but we took what help we could get! We also changed out the doorbell, peep hole, door knob and deadbolt.

So much brighter! However, summer quickly followed and my outdoor time was taken up by a rapidly growing garden (including out-of-control tomatoes) and not finishing the trim or adding the kick plate.

So FINALLY, over a year and a half after moving into our house, I got the trim done and the kick plate on today. 


Now that's an entry I would want to go right up to! 

Just a refresher, and because I love comparisons:

Before                                                                            After

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow

But first, here's my spunky girl.

I couldn't resist--can ya blame me?

The garden is booming. Sunflowers are shooting up 6 inches or more a day, I've got a couple dozen green tomatoes on my ten tomato plants, the morning glories are starting to bloom and we're beginning to harvest yellow squash and zucchini. Summer must be here!

Before I show you pictures of my little Eden (which is still not finished flower bed and mulch-wise but that will have to wait), let me take you back before the muddy month of March, all the way back to last summer.

This was our yard then.

One (not level) raised garden bed and a pumpkin vine. And a sad little tomato plant in a pot. We had thrown ourselves into the house and there was little energy leftover for landscaping.

When late February came around I was amped up with seed catalogue and Pinterest visions, and I bravely dug my outline.

Moved the bed...

And then the outline grew again...

And I kept digging. For a month I dug. In icy rain and sunburning heat. Often both in the same day because--hey--this is Oklahoma and we like to be a little crazy.  I tossed out every tiny bit of bermuda grass I dug up. Squashed grubs and carefully transported earthworms (or chucked them into the garden bed).

Then we put our two other beds in, outlined some areas for flowers...

And I planted flower seeds, and lettuce,and carrots, and squash. And lots and lots of sunflower seeds. And put in a few seedlings. And waited...

And covered the plants when it froze. And uncovered them when it rained. Then covered them again when it was freezing rain. And watched some seedlings fry from the never-ending wind.

And then before I knew it the sunflowers were towering a foot over my head!

My flowers are finally recovering from the battering they took in a hail storm.

And this little munchkin is learning "good bugs" and "bad bugs." Although she did squash a ladybug larvae today and we said "sorry" to its poor little body.

And now to indulge myself with some more pics...

This was taken four days ago, when I could still reach the camera up and take a shot of the sunflower head forming. Now it is way too high!

We've had a couple of dinners from our squash, too.  Nothing like cutting it up still warm from the sun!

And these little guys I planted from seed and they somehow managed to survive. This was the first bloom of my coreopsis!

I'm experimenting with morning glories in a hanging basket...they keep wanting to go up and I keep training them back down...we'll see how confused they are by the end of summer!

The peas that had been growing up the trellis have been pulled down, but Tatum still likes playing in her teepee.

So that's where the yard is now. It's not going to win any landscape awards but I am immensely proud of it! I still am amazed that these things came from seeds I stuck in the ground. So simple, yet when I look at the base of one of the sunflowers that is two inches thick, it still astounds me.

That's all for tonight--this tired girl is getting in bed!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and remember to step outside, listen to the birds, and thank God for being smart enough to start life in a garden.