Saturday, February 26, 2011

19 weeks and we're off to Hawaii!

By tomorrow afternoon my pregnant butt will be lounging on a chair on the warm sandy beaches of Maui, sipping a virgin Mai Tai and trying to decide whether I want to continue reading some pregnancy magazine or pull on my fins and go swim with the sea turtles.


For now I'm still wearing a turtleneck, thermals under yoga pants and two pairs of wool socks, but I've got a maxi dress and my trusty Rainbow sandals packed and ready to change into during our layover!

Anyone else know the wonder that is Rainbow sandals? 
The way the layers conform to your feet and feel almost like walking on a cloud? Best. Sandals. Ever.

I can't remember the last time it was warm enough to wear them...

We got more snow today and this morning it was in the low 20's outside and the high 50's in our bedroom...brrr!

I think the only one who's not ready for spring is Roy, who loves being out in the snow no matter the temperature or the length of time. After flinging his food like seed on a field and him digging around in it for an hour, he still did not want to come inside.

Anyways, here's the Week 19 photo. For some reason my belly seems to have almost doubled in size over the past 7 days...

This was also taken at night, after tacos and a bowl of ice cream.

We're not taking a laptop to Hawaii, so chances are we'll be unplugged for a week. So aloha, I'll see you next week!

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