Sunday, April 20, 2014

The End is Near!

Well, seeing as my last post was quite a while ago how's about a quick catch up?

We'll start with the here and now. Thirty-seven weeks pregnant with Kenna Curran Palmer.

Kenna is Gaelic for fiery, beautiful, and a strong and competent woman.

Curran, as y'all know, is my maiden name. It also comes from the old Gaelic word corradh which means spear. 

Let's rewind to January.  We had days of snow and cold with a few beautiful days thrown in where we got outside and enjoyed the sunshine.

February rolled around and we got Tatum a fish tank for Valentine's Day (lots of time spent "playing" with her fish during snowy and cold days), celebrated Matt's 31st birthday, and instituted "family dates." 

In March we got more snow, made molasses candy a la Laura Ingalls Wilder, did lots of indoor activities like making bird feeders and finger painting, and I finally got my coffee bar area set up.  Mama needs her coffee.

And now we're finally to April. Tatum's first experience dyeing Easter eggs, choosing paint for the nursery and getting things ready for little Kenna to make her grand appearance.  As of yesterday at 37 weeks, I have the green light to have this baby! Of course we're not ready yet so we're hoping she stays snug for at least another week or two!

And most of you know by now about this old/new thing I've discovered--essential oils. These have completely changed our family. I haven't gotten a prescription for my migraines since last March (as in 2013). I used them on Roy's tumor and saved ourselves a $500 vet bill. Every sniffle and bug that has crossed our paths has been dealt with at home--I didn't take Tatum to the doctor in 14 months and when I did it was a checkup and mostly to interview a new doctor for this upcoming baby.  Bonus points for the doctor: when Tatum pulled out a roller of lavender to "play" with, the doctor said, "Oh that's the good stuff!"

Anyways, I've spent hundreds of hours doing research for classes I've been teaching since last summer, and am planning on a Google hangout sometime next week (April 21-26th) to do a basic class on oils.  If you're interested drop me a line.  I'm also going to try to record a class on YouTube, but I find it's easier to answer questions as we go along :-)

That's all for now. I'm always hesitant to share because I'm afraid people will think I'm selling something or hosting "parties," but I've seen so many lives drastically changed in this past year from these oils it feels selfish not to tell people about it. Cancer, thyroid problems, blood pressure, emotional trauma, kidney stones, asthma, name it and "there's an oil for that."  I've said that so many times the past year I think I need a bumper sticker. Or some self-control.

I'm sure there's an oil for that

I had a number of you asking for the Intro Class on YouTube, so here it is! You'll have to excuse some temporary brain lapses--I do have preggo brain and I didn't finish it until 3 in the morning!  If you're interested in the long outline with 3 pages of references I used in my research, drop me a line at and I will send you the PDF.