Monday, April 23, 2012

A House Redeeemed

The house we bought comes with a bit of a sad story.  The couple that lived here got a divorce, and have a young daughter.  The whole house felt, at first, dark. 

I fell in love with the layout of the house, but knew right away that everything needed some lightening.  The rooms were dark, muddy colors. Even the main living area is a dark orangey/pinky//tan (we discovered it was a burnt sienna color first, and think they only did one coat of tan to try to cover it...bad idea).

The house is naturally light, with lots of eastern and western facing windows. We wanted to bring the light back inside, as well.

Cue the song, "Leeeet the sunshiiiine, leeeet the sunshine in!"

No, the TV and the rocker didn't stay there...I just don't have updated pics...

Our bedroom was another place that felt dark and dingy.

We originally were going to go with the peacock blue used in the laundry room, but thought it might be a bit overwhelming in such a large space so we opted for the same color as the living room.

Don't you worry, though.  Those extra gallons of peacock went'll just have to wait for that, though.

The kitchen countertops turned out better than I hoped--I love them and would do it again in a heartbeat! What a $70 facelift!

And no, we're not going for a "feathered" effect on the backsplash.  We'll be using a paintable wallpaper that's textured to look like pressed tin...

But that's after we get the rest of the cabinets painted...

We've still got a lot to do, but we've made a considerable dent.  I feel like this is a house redeemed.  Scrubbing away the bad memories, the bitterness, the hurt, and covering it over with a fresh beginning. Filling this space with love and opening it to be a place of fellowship.  This is not our house, its God's, and we're just making it ready for Him to use.

On a side note: we are never ever ever ever ever ever ever getting a cat.  I know there are clean cat people...but this house didn't have one of those.  There is cat hair E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

And I'm allergic.

Its not a fun combination.

A HUGE thank you to my parents and brother who've spent countless hours painting, trimming, scraping, cleaning, scouring, laying contact paper, and watching Tatum.

That's all the energy and patience I have for tonight...each of these pictures has taken about 5 minutes and I desperately need a shower!  I know I've skimped on the weekly photos for two weeks, but I've been pulling 18-20 hour days and am so sore it hurts to sit down! If I can find the fabric I bought weeks ago I'll have one tomorrow!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little by Little

I can't tell you how many times Matt has said this over the past two weeks.

Have we really owned our home for two weeks?

A lot of changes have been made...

From a boring laundry room like this:


To a vibrant room like this (NOTE: the cabinet doors will go back on when we get our hinges and knobs in!)

Aren't those machines just gorgeous???

And our bedroom has gone from a muddy green...

To a cheerful, buttery yellow...(baseboards and window sills still to be done...)

And the kitchen? 

Ooooh the kitchen.

We're in Phase 1.5

First we painted the cabinets (well, we've still got the cabinet doors to do so we're a long way from done, but this at least we can move into).  Then we painted the walls.  Finally tonight we began the process of painting our countertops.

Yes, you read that right.

We're using a Giani Granite Countertop kit in Bombay Black, and tonight I scrubbed and scoured and wiped those countertops until they shone, then applied the first layer of primer.

This is before:

This is with the cabinet bases and the paint done..

And here's with the first layer of primer halfway dried (and all the cabinets and the breakfast bar covered in plastic).

It felt gutsy making that first stroke of black on that light laminate...

This is me thinking, "I hope I know what I'm doing!"

And of course this blog wouldn't be complete without a picture of either Tatum or Roy.

Or both.

Tatum still makes this face when she eats food. But she keeps on eating guess she likes it?

Roy has loved the venture into finger foods.  Lots of little puffs get dropped on the ground for him.

I have a feeling Tatum is his new favorite.

Today I was in her room packing up her clothes, and she was playing on a quilt on the floor. When I heard her squeal in laughter I looked down to see Roy laying with his back to Tatum and her sidled up to him...systematically pulling his hair out.

I think he's considering it penance for the diaper episode...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

If You Leave a Dog Alone...

If you leave a dog alone...

He's going to think you're not coming back.

If he thinks you're not coming back,

He's going to panic.

If he panics,

He will dig in the trash.

If he digs in the trash,

he will find the only poopy diaper that's been in there in over a month.

If he finds the one poopy diaper that's in there,

He's going to want to pull it out.

If he pulls it out,

he will want to drag it across the house.

If he drags it across the house,

he will want to shred it.

If he shreds it,

he will want to roll in it. On the carpet.

If he rolls in it (on the carpet),

it will get in his fur.

If it gets in his fur,

it will get in his collar.

If Dad comes home to find this mess,

The dog will be sent outside.

If Dad tries to clean it up,

he will use a vacuum.

If Dad uses a vacuum,

it will clog.

If the vacuum clogs,

Mama will have to clean it out.

And vacuum.

And go to the store for carpet cleaner.

And mop.

And insist on giving the poop-crusted dog a bath.

If Dad gives the poop-crusted dog a bath,

Mama will want to cut his nails since its been way too long and the water will make them soft.

If Mama tries to cut his nails,

the dog will wrench his paw away and Mama will cut wrong and the dog will bleed.

If the dog bleeds,

he will track blood all over the freshly mopped house.

If he tracks blood all over the freshly mopped house,

Mama gets to mop again.

If Mama gets to mop again she will decide to drag a comb through the dog's hair to check...

and she will find more poop on the dog.

If she finds more poop on the dog,

Dad gets to give the dog another bath.

If Dad gets to give the dog another bath,

Mama gets to clean the shower.

If Mama gets to clean the shower,

at the end of a weekend of severe weather,

long nights with several heart-pounding wake-ups,

a teething baby,

and after a day of a day of cleaning,

and painting,

and vacuuming,

and mopping...

at 1:15 in the morning...

she will want to pull her hair out and scream.

But she won't.

Since that would wake the baby.

So, moral of the story?

Don't leave the dog alone.

Either that or sedate him.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Burnin' Baby

Want to know how to maximize your calorie burn while painting?

Wear a baby, baby.

If painting burns about 200 calories an hour, babywearing burns about 200 calories an hour, and nursing burns about 500 calories a day...I should be invisible by the end of next week...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 35--Closing Week!

So many colors, so little time!

It was exactly 30 weeks ago today that I posted the picture of Tatum on a cardboard box as we prepared for our cross-country move.

Tatum is getting a bit more mobile every day, even though she's technically not crawling yet.  She scoots, slides, rolls and inches her way towards where she wants to go.

That's all the time for now--got to go work to make some money while the Tot is down for a nap (well...almost down...)!