Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little by Little

I can't tell you how many times Matt has said this over the past two weeks.

Have we really owned our home for two weeks?

A lot of changes have been made...

From a boring laundry room like this:


To a vibrant room like this (NOTE: the cabinet doors will go back on when we get our hinges and knobs in!)

Aren't those machines just gorgeous???

And our bedroom has gone from a muddy green...

To a cheerful, buttery yellow...(baseboards and window sills still to be done...)

And the kitchen? 

Ooooh the kitchen.

We're in Phase 1.5

First we painted the cabinets (well, we've still got the cabinet doors to do so we're a long way from done, but this at least we can move into).  Then we painted the walls.  Finally tonight we began the process of painting our countertops.

Yes, you read that right.

We're using a Giani Granite Countertop kit in Bombay Black, and tonight I scrubbed and scoured and wiped those countertops until they shone, then applied the first layer of primer.

This is before:

This is with the cabinet bases and the paint done..

And here's with the first layer of primer halfway dried (and all the cabinets and the breakfast bar covered in plastic).

It felt gutsy making that first stroke of black on that light laminate...

This is me thinking, "I hope I know what I'm doing!"

And of course this blog wouldn't be complete without a picture of either Tatum or Roy.

Or both.

Tatum still makes this face when she eats food. But she keeps on eating guess she likes it?

Roy has loved the venture into finger foods.  Lots of little puffs get dropped on the ground for him.

I have a feeling Tatum is his new favorite.

Today I was in her room packing up her clothes, and she was playing on a quilt on the floor. When I heard her squeal in laughter I looked down to see Roy laying with his back to Tatum and her sidled up to him...systematically pulling his hair out.

I think he's considering it penance for the diaper episode...


  1. It still amazes me what a difference paint can make and nothing looks better than blah cabinets painted white! The counter looks great too. And you've done all this with a baby? Wowza!

  2. Your home looks great!! I can't wait to see when everything is complete. Keep up the good work. Hi Tatum, hi Roy!! xo

  3. Hi Girls and Roy,
    very good job... I can believe that even though you are tired at the end of the day, you have a lot of fun with painting + the rest of things you do in the house makes your days a bit more challenging :-)