Monday, April 23, 2012

A House Redeeemed

The house we bought comes with a bit of a sad story.  The couple that lived here got a divorce, and have a young daughter.  The whole house felt, at first, dark. 

I fell in love with the layout of the house, but knew right away that everything needed some lightening.  The rooms were dark, muddy colors. Even the main living area is a dark orangey/pinky//tan (we discovered it was a burnt sienna color first, and think they only did one coat of tan to try to cover it...bad idea).

The house is naturally light, with lots of eastern and western facing windows. We wanted to bring the light back inside, as well.

Cue the song, "Leeeet the sunshiiiine, leeeet the sunshine in!"

No, the TV and the rocker didn't stay there...I just don't have updated pics...

Our bedroom was another place that felt dark and dingy.

We originally were going to go with the peacock blue used in the laundry room, but thought it might be a bit overwhelming in such a large space so we opted for the same color as the living room.

Don't you worry, though.  Those extra gallons of peacock went'll just have to wait for that, though.

The kitchen countertops turned out better than I hoped--I love them and would do it again in a heartbeat! What a $70 facelift!

And no, we're not going for a "feathered" effect on the backsplash.  We'll be using a paintable wallpaper that's textured to look like pressed tin...

But that's after we get the rest of the cabinets painted...

We've still got a lot to do, but we've made a considerable dent.  I feel like this is a house redeemed.  Scrubbing away the bad memories, the bitterness, the hurt, and covering it over with a fresh beginning. Filling this space with love and opening it to be a place of fellowship.  This is not our house, its God's, and we're just making it ready for Him to use.

On a side note: we are never ever ever ever ever ever ever getting a cat.  I know there are clean cat people...but this house didn't have one of those.  There is cat hair E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

And I'm allergic.

Its not a fun combination.

A HUGE thank you to my parents and brother who've spent countless hours painting, trimming, scraping, cleaning, scouring, laying contact paper, and watching Tatum.

That's all the energy and patience I have for tonight...each of these pictures has taken about 5 minutes and I desperately need a shower!  I know I've skimped on the weekly photos for two weeks, but I've been pulling 18-20 hour days and am so sore it hurts to sit down! If I can find the fabric I bought weeks ago I'll have one tomorrow!


  1. The house looks amazing!! I can't believe how the kitchen turned out.


  2. Just thought I'd be sure and clarify that the hurt and pain and bad memories you scrubbed away were from the previous family who lived in the house that divorced..... yikes!

    Amazing transformation!!! We enjoyed being a part of the redemption!!

    and YIKES - back to Weight Watchers

    Miss you guys - come see us sometime!! LOL!


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