Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 38...39...Where Did The Time Go?

Since we bought our house we've been working nearly around the clock. I've been pulling 18-19 hour days at first painting and then unpacking and now just keeping up with a baby that crawls faster than you can believe! On top of working, and cleaning, and budgeting around this new-found thing called a mortgage!

I really think God should have just rounded that 24-hour day up to 30.

I did take pictures of Tatum's 38th week!

Photobucket She is crawling all over the place! Once she got the hang of it she was off!

Then we had a series of expressions:


And then we had a little photo session a few days later so I guess this sort of counts as Week 39?

Mama got a little happy with the actions in Photoshop...

Other than that, the big news for us was my parents graduated from college last Saturday!!!

My mom was honored for her research project and my dad became a member of Phi Beta Kappa (correct me if I'm wrong on the name, Dad)! And I'd like to point out my mom would have too if not for her grades from college 30 years see kids? You never know when  flaking off in school will come back to bite you!

I'm so proud of them! 

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