Monday, November 3, 2008

Fresno is not So Cal

We woke up this morning on our blow up bed in the middle of our empty living room to the pitter patter of rain. Matt braved the weather and walked up the street to our local coffee shop (surprisingly just ok…we’ll have to keep looking) and brought back hot coffee. We had just cleared everything out and were beginning to unload when our movers showed up.

Now first, I must say that in San Diego we all (sadly) underestimated our movers and despite their short stature and homie ghetto appearances they proved to be extremely polite, fast, smart, and efficient. So I tried very hard not to place any sort of predispositions when a young man with a camoflauge hat and lip ring approached and dully asked, “You guys the ones movin’ in?” There we were standing in the rain with our arms full of a vacuum cleaner and boxes next to a 16 foot Budget truck…”Uh…yeah.”

We got in the elevator and waited for his friend to catch up. Sad that chivalry is near death as I stood there struggling with the weight of my load and our hired mover stood to the side chewing his lip ring. His friend showed up, and let me describe his choice of style: shoulder length strawberry blonde hair that was nearly in a ‘fro it was so poofy, with a backwards hat that smushed everything down except two blonde puffballs on the side of his face. He had heavy lidded eyes and his mouth hung open constantly as he told us that he too was from San Diego.

“Oh really? What part?”


This could get interesting.

Needless to say they did get all the large items unloaded, though they took their time in between loads and then had the nerve to offer to stay longer because, “They take cash or check.” While they may not have been as great as our San Diego movers, I didn’t have to carry a hundred boxes up and down the elevator nor were Matt and I left trying to figure out how the two of us could move our couch in.

After they left we had the fun task of figuring out how to make our stuff fit and work and look aesthetically pleasing in our new apartment. We’re learning that when you take furniture from a 600-square-foot apartment and put it in a 1,050 square foot apartment it’s going to look a bit bare…so tomorrow we’ll be dropping in some thrift and antique stores to see how we can fill our new space.

After dropping off the rental truck for the last time and dancing a little jig for joy, we did a Target run which is nothing like Target runs at home. First of all, it’s in a mall…so you have to park in a parking garage. Second, its only 7 miles from our home but it takes 30 minutes because of the traffic. And third, WHO DESIGNED THESE STREETS?!

After taking the scenic route home, viewing a beautiful rainbow, and stopping at Kerry Park for a nice view of downtown, we headed home, cooked up some lasagna and began the long process of cleaning, laying contact paper, unpacking, and organizing. But the storm cleared and we had a beautiful view at sunset, and we’re sitting here nice and snug by our little fire.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure: Pike’s Place Market! (by the way, this is the view from our balcony)

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