Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Tidings

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that we're surviving the snow, sleet, hail, rain, floods, landslides, and avalanches! I thought it just drizzled in Seattle! What gives? Over 85 highways are closed and Seattle is an island blocked off from Portland or Vancouver or anywhere by road closures. Crrrazy!

Other than that, we enjoyed a great New Year's with my parents. I toured them around Queen Anne, Pike Place, REI, and Snoqualmie Falls...sometimes dragging Ammah by the hand as her walk would nearly come to a standstill as she stared at the surroundings. We tried to make it to Kerry Park in the car on New Year's Eve, but the traffic jam and people jam was such that we took turns walking outside to see the Space Needle light up in fireworks in the rain--maybe not the most momentous New Year's but CERTAINLY a memorable one!

Roy loved having so much company, and the day everyone went home he moped around all day...obviously depressed. Oh, but today it's officially been FOUR WEEKS since his accident and he's running around with almost no limp! God is good! I finished another round of cards sent out by Delta, and as this one took longer than the first I came up with a little poem to express the process:

There once was a girl with a large task to do

Of stuffing and sealing and labeling too

She looked at the bin full of cards to send out

And giving a sigh she tried not to pout

She stuffed and she sealed and stamped those darn cards

And her stack of completed ones grew rather large

But to her dismay her bin would not empty

For more cards came, they sure came a'plenty

Still stuffing and sealing and labeling them

She cried, "Will I ever ever ever reach the end?"

Her fingers grew sore from the sticky postage

And the papercuts added to this adage

As soon as she'd reach the bottom of the stack

She would grin as she piled them and turned her back

But lo! The bin would be full again

Oh what could she do? She was going insane!

But then she got helpers, yes her boss had come in

To stick those big labels and help fill the bin

Together they finished all twenty-six hundred

And that is the end, and I'm ready for bed!

Well, that's all the news I can send at the moment--I'll send pictures of the beautiful falls when I'm home. Happy New Year everyone!

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