Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Dog the Bulldozer

Yesterday i took Roy to the dog park. You haven't met him yet, but he's 90 lbs of ENERGY and LOVES to run!

He decides to do his "business" WAY the heck across the dog park, so I get up and start walking over to clean it up. There are about 5 benches all facing towards this big circle of dirt and woodchips in the center of the park, and I have to walk through it to get to the other side. Now, it's not like I'm inconspicuous--I'm wearing a BRIGHT chartreuse shirt.

Anyways, right as I'm in the center, with about 15 people on the benches all facing me, Roy sees me coming and gets all excited. He circles behind me and I'm not really paying attention to him, when he comes up behind me and TAKES OUT MY LEGS.


My feet and legs go FLYING in the air and I come down HARD on my butt making this huge cloud of dust.

Then I hear a collective "oooohhhhh" from the group of people.

Now I thought it was funny, and it Matt or someone was there we would have been in stitches but I was by myself trying not to laugh and look cool and brush off the MASSIVE amounts of dirt covering me! Roy by this time was on the other side of the park oblivious to what he had done! At home when he's playing he'll come and brush up against my legs--almost like a cat. I think he was trying to do that but at FULL SPEED. Hence the bulldozing effect.

And my now sore butt.

The end.

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