Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mariners, Muppets and China Town

Yes. It's been awhile.


Sometimes when I don't write for awhile I forget how easily it comes. Then I keep telling myself I'll do it tomorrow...and that's about as true as starting a diet.

*Side note: I have a slice of pizza and as I was writing Roy stood about an inch away from my elbow and just panted heavily while staring at me. After a stern, "Go lie down" (which he knows) he cocked his head, sighed an irritated sigh, and collapsed literally on my feet with his head down. How could you not love this dramatic dog?*

Where was I? Oh, writing. Yes. I'm going to try to make it a point to email/blog something every day. Something funny...or at least something that I find funny. We all need to laugh more, don't you agree? So before I start an update on the past...oh gosh. When did I write last...August 13th? Oh I guess that's not too long...what are you complaining about? Sike. I haven't heard from any of you suckers! Are your fingers Ammah would say...

Well here is my funny moment of the day. Actually it's been my funny moment every time we've driven by it since we moved here, but today I finally hauled my camera on a walk and took a picture of it.

If you need this explained, please Google it.

On to the updates!

The heatwave is over, thank the Good Lord! We've been enjoying "normal" Seattle weather--high 70s, sometimes in the 80's, lots of sunshine and longer days. I do have to say I'm glad the sun is beginning to set earlier. It just felt odd to watch the sunset at nearly ten while you're trying to convince yourself to start getting ready for bed. Hooray for biological time clocks returning to a more normal day!

We had our cousin (OK, technically Matt's cousin but mine by default) Andrew and his fiance Amber visit us a couple of weeks ago. They're preparing for a wedding on the second of January and Matt is honored to be a groomsman. It was fun getting to know Amber better, show them some of the city, try out new things with them like Red Mill burgers and go to our first Mariner's game with them. Being a devout Angels fan you know I rooted for the visiting team. Andrew was the constant photographer and I bummed his picture off him and added my own touches to it--thanks Andrew!

These last two are pictures of the lawn of the church we've been going to--Bethany Presbyterian. They call it the "Walk of Faith," and gave 40 posts of pine to people to do what they want with it to create a visual expression of their faith.

There were scrapbook looking ones, ones with fabric sewn all over it, wood burnings, and all sorts of expressions from each individual. The picture I put last was my favorite. It's a quote from the Chronicles of Narnia. One of the children asks Mr. Beaver if Aslan the Lion is safe (Aslan represents God, in case you haven't read the books...which you should cause they're awesome). Mr. Beaver replies, "'Course He's not safe, but He's good. He's the King, I tell you."

The following Sunday was the last day this certain exhibition was in town and we really wanted to see it. What was it? The Jim Henson Muppet exhibit! Not wanting to pay for ridiculous downtown Seattle parking, we parked in lower Queen Anne and walked to the Seattle Center where the Experience the Music Project|Science Fiction Museum--also known as the EMP|SFM--is.

One thing intersting along the way. As we walked past the huge fountain where hundreds of people were lounging about on the warm afternoon and a few dozen kids played in the water fountain, Matt noticed something odd about a group of people clustered in one corner of the park. They were nude. Yes, completely and utterly naked. Except one man had a backpack on. A bunch of bicycles were leaning against a tree, and from the very quick glances I shot in their direction they seemed to be enjoying the attention. Apparently they're a group of people who rides around on their bikes, disrobes for a few minutes to let people gawk at them, then moves on. I'll tell you one thing, though, if you're a woman over 40 who decides to do this, at least have the decency to not slouch. Not attractive. That was worse than the near 60 year old man with...shall we just say he was hairless from head to toe? Got the image? Indecent exposure for sure.

When I googled it, I found a news article from a year ago stating, "Nudists relax. Seattle Parks and Recreation will drop its pursuit of a proposal that would make public nudity in parks subject to prosecution for criminal trespass. And, in a nod to tolerance, Seattle's parks commissioners asked parks officials to explore the possibility of a clothing-optional beach in the city."

That's life in the big city, Mama.

The outside is some pretty interesting architecture. Waves of metal and a myriad of colors glinting in the sun at the base of the Space Needle, its sure to attract some attention. This aerial isn't mine, obviously.

Inside is an amazing "cyclone" of guitars. There we got to view mementos from Seattle's musical past, see an amazing collection of guitars (my Dad and Uncle Chris would love this!), visit the jam session room where if it hadn't been so crowded we'd have gone to town (we'll be back), then we headed over to the Science Fiction side where the Muppets were.

The Science Fiction part was pretty cool too. In addition to the original Star Trek command chair and costumes, they had pretty much any and every sci fi memorabilia you could think of! When we got to the Muppet secion, there were full walls of muppet fur, muppets from the 1970s (I felt like I was meeting a celebrity seeing a real Kermit with ping pong eyeballs!), Sesame street characters, sketches from Jim Henson, videos of his early commercials and more.

I didn't take these (it was way too crowded and I didn't want to get thrown out) but here are other people' s pics of the Jim Henson exhibit.

Mahna Mahna--one of the first muppet videos Matt and I watched together laughing hysterically at the simple humor of it. Apparently it was Jim Henson doing Mahna Mahna and Frank Oz doing both the pink cowish creatures. If you have never seen this and don't mind the tune stuck in your head for the rest of your life, watch it here:

I felt like asking for an autograph...

It was really interesting getting to read about all the things he did and created, and they had a stage where kids could actually be the muppets in the band and perform to a song. I considered shoving a kid aside cause I really wanted to do it but I let the adult side of me get the better and just watched from the side.

Walking back, the nudists were gone and my attention could finally focus on the kids playing in the fountain. What a picture of summer! Thanks to the Pioneer Woman's photoshop action sets for these touches!

After our trek back to our car we met up with our friends Stephanie and Peter for our first Seattle Mexican food experience. Peter and Steph went to Point Loma too, so they know

Moving on!

Last Saturday I convinced Matt to make a treacherous journey with me into the International District for a Chinese outdoor market and a free showing of Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon. We took the bus downtown and walked through the Chinese gates and into the International (ie Chinese) District. Not huge, but definitely a cultural experience. We ate some Mongolian beef, went in a tea shop, browsed some kung fu movies and settle down for the Bruce Lee movie. We were disappointed to just watch badly orchestrated relay races in front of the crowd where we couldn't really see them, and after finishing our fried rice we headed out. But I got some nifty pics along the way!

Mexican food and we could finally trust them. And Yes, it was good. Although I think eating an entire chimichange and a bowl of ice cream may have been overdoing it a bit. I regretted that the day after.

Walking back we went through Pioneer Square...let me just say none of you need to be going there really ever. But especially at twilight. Nonetheless we made it through safetly, went browsing in a few stores and finally caught our bus back to Queen Anne Ave. Overall a good, intercultural, risky Seattle experience!

Today I braved the Goodwill Outlet. Yes, Goodwill has an outlet. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that one...


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