Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful On Paper - Week Two

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This week I am thankful for my three parents. 

Or more literally, my mom, dad and Ammah.

Maybe its too obvious, but I really feel like I could never than them enough.

Ammah was more than a grandmother who I occasionally visited. She was a part of our life nearly every day growing up. 

Ammah makes the best chicken fried steak and white, thick gravy that you will ever EVER taste.

Ammah went rollerblading with us when rollerblading was all the rage.

Ammah taught me the beauty of a Sunday afternoon nap on the floor with a blanket, old movie and some brownies fresh out of the oven.

When I was 21, Ammah and I took off in my 2 wheel drive 4Runner to find the Grand Canyon (pre-GPS). Most of it was on dirt roads with no signs and I'm pretty sure we were in a few places we weren't supposed to be, but between the constant jangle of the change in my ashtray, my visors flopping down and our incessant laughter we made it to some point at the edge of the canyon. 

Ammah is an amazing woman of God, and has been an example of strength and faithfulness.

My dad is my hero. Always has been and always will be. I think of my dad when I watch movies like Braveheart...noble, honorable, courageous. He is a visionary and speaks in terms of a vision. 

One time on a family vacation our car broke down in Modesto and we literally coasted into the parking lot of a church on Sunday morning. After attending the service, my dad approached the pastor and told him we were "wayfaring strangers." I thought my mom was going to disappear beneath a pew. But he is the one who has always and will always encourage us to set off on a voyage and explore new things. 

I also think of my dad when I watch movies like Cheaper by the Dozen or Parenthood. Goofy, zany, and always a blast. My young cousin once told him he was like a real life video game.

A few months before I got married I got to go to Uganda with my dad. It was a trip I'll never forget, and all the more precious that I got to spend it with him.

In a few words, my dad is a joy magnet. 

My dad taught me that some men can be trusted, dads are good, and that our Heavenly Dad is even better. 
He is a walking example of love and joy.

My mom is my best friend. I don't know if that has anything to do with her reverse psychology of telling me while I was in first grade that one day in high school I may not like her, but if it does then it worked and I am so doing that with my daughter if we have one.

For all her constant complaint about not having a great education growing up, my mom is one of the smartest women I know. She has the gift of discernment, which is awesome except for when I've slipped up. 

My mom laughs louder than anyone I know. In high school during plays, we could hear her laugh  carried through the actor's microphones and through the speakers in the back. She's also one of the funniest people I know. Between her and Ammah I think the only reason I didn't have a six pack from laughing so much was the white gravy.

Together, my mom and I are some kind of indomitable force. Maybe its God's plan we live half across the country from each other right now. If we lived closer we just might take over the world and get things running right. 

Give us a swatch of cloth, a toothpick and a diet coke and we'll give you a production.

I am the Baby Girl, and my mom is an amazing pointer to Jesus. Her heart for broken people overflows with healing love that's exemplary of how Christians are supposed to be.

Thanks Dad, Mom, and Ammah, for training me up in the way I should go, for loving me enough to discipline me, and for giving me roots and wings.

Oh yeah...and my mom and dad are flying in to Seattle TONIGHT!!!! I can barely contain the excitement!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOVE what you said about the 6-pack and white gravy because as I was reading all I could keep thinking about was the fried steak & gravy... that's my favorite comfort food!

    I have a loud laugh too and I hope it doesn't embarrass my kids. I hope instead that it's a good memory for them.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. this is gorgeous, thanks for sharing your sweet family! what treasured memories:)


  3. I called Amaah and we cried together as we read this together, then we laughed and then we cried some more. How did I get so blessed? You are my delight and the JOY & REJOICING of my heart!!! I love how freely you share the gift of yourself with all of us. Thank you Baby Girl for such wonderful, kind and loving words. I will cherish this forever!! ALL MY LOVE - Momma

  4. Joy magnet. Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

  5. this is fantastic! i LOVE it. thank you for sharing about your fabulous parents!

  6. AND your mom actually READS your blog! now THAT is love... :) beautiful touching post, thank you!

  7. You are truly so blessed, and although your three parents put in quite a lot of work to help mold you, they are also blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. You have allowed God and your family to help shape you into a beautiful woman, and I see each of your FOUR parents (one is heavenly, of course) in your heart and character and personality. What I'm really trying to say here, is you're all bad ass :) and I LOVE YOU!

  8. such a lovely way to show your gratitude! enjoy your visit with your family!!

  9. How how incredibly beautiful, what an amazing, blessed relationship you have with your parents.
    I absolutely LOVE that your Mum reads your blog and her reaction to it is so incredibly precious.
    It's fantastic to come across such a beautiful, God-filled family.
    Thanks so much for sharing :)