Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 27

Reminder from the Mama 2 Mama post--I'd still love to hear your birth story! Even if you're a Dad...what was the experience like for you?

It now officially looks like I've swallowed a soccer ball. 

Apparently my uterus is basketball-sized by this point, though.

On Saturday we had one glorious, warm (67!) day of sunshine and Matt and I went to Lake Sammamish to walk around and enjoy the sun. There was this one, poor loner duck who the Canada geese and mallards kept chasing away.  Mr. Loner Duck.

Matt and I both enjoy watching animals and giving them voices and thoughts, and we were just having too much fun with this poor guy.  Anyone out there even know what kind of duck/goose this is? He's twice the size of a mallard, but not as big as one of the Canada geese that were there.

Whatever he was, at least he was our afternoon of entertainment!

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