Monday, July 4, 2011

Seattle Bucket List

Last Saturday was my birthday, and Matt and I finally got to do two things we've been wanting to do since moving here. 

1. The Space Needle

2.  Eat at a Tom Douglas restaurant

If you don't know by now that we're foodies, then you probably haven't been reading the blog all that long or you've just been skimming the pics. I'll forgive you for both.  But we love good food, and will go out of our way, save our pennies for a good dinner out, and buy super fresh and sometimes unusual ingredients to experiment cooking with. 

At least its a shared hobby, and one of us isn't always pushing to try a new restaurant and the other thinking its a waste of money! And if you think God doesn't care about quality of food, just read through Leviticus and you'll see that He definitely appreciates the difference between good and bad flour and meat. And another look at Jesus' first miracle shows that even He knew it was worth it to change the water into an extra nice reserve wine rather than your average Two Buck Chuck. 

Anyways, my birthday started out gorgeously beautiful--probably one of the prettiest days in Seattle this year, and I'm not exaggerating. It was the warmest day by far--81 degrees! I woke Matt up and we headed to Starbucks for breakfast (which is definitely not the norm for me), then we lounged around the house, watching The Cosby Show, reading in the sun and all that lovely leisurely stuff until it was time to head out.

After a quick stop to buy a used breast pump off of Craigslist (happy birthday to me...whoopee), we headed to the Space Needle along with everyone else and their mother.  After waiting for about 50 minutes in line, we finally hopped on the elevator and were whisked skyward towards the observation deck.

First order of business was to find the line to the bathroom...and wouldn't you know it but an employee cut in front of me and spent 10 minutes cleaning the thing out!  I wanted to point to my burgeoning belly and ask, "Seriously?"  But my bladder didn't burst (and thankfully I didn't sneeze) and we finally made it outside.

It was seriously such a beautiful day to go up! 

Then we headed downtown to Pike Place where we wandered around the park a bit before eating dinner.

We ate dinner at Etta's, where Matt got some delicious crab cakes and I had the panko breaded shrimp with a cocktail sauce that was amazing!

We finished the day off with some frozen yogurt and watching the movie Larry Crowne (it was entertaining, feel good, and a rental if you're interested in my opinion), and a shoulder rub at home to end the day.  All in all a great birthday!

By the way, if you missed the last post and are curious about birth centers or water births, you can read it HERE.

And a happy fourth of July to you! Despite our grumblings and grievances about our government, at least we can grumble and complain and vote and change things without our army turning against us or being thrown in prison.  A quick look at the news will show you we definitely live in a privileged country.

So have fun today at parades and eating hot dogs and watching fireworks!

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