Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tatum Is

Tatum is a firecracker. 

She loves playing with big kids. 

She loves to say no. 

She brushes her own teeth and has decided to make the switch from bottle to sippy cup a power struggle. And I thought she was totally read to be potty trained and now she knows she is going but runs away when I try to get her to go on the potty! 

She can use my phone almost as well as I can. 

She says hi and waves to the most scary people in Walmart. 

She knows what Sasquatch says. 

She has the best giggle in the world and we all will make complete idiots of ourselves in public to hear it. 

She loves to tickle her Dada, and only he can get her to go back to sleep in the middle of the night, and stretch a wake up time from 6 am to 8! 

She loves her mama, and snuggles up when she's sleepy and pats my face and says "Mama" in a slow sleepy way that just makes me come undone. Then she squirms to be put down and calls for Roy and goes and decorates him with stickers and sings "Bye-o bye-o baby" to him. 

She is violently affectionate.

She is frustratingly lovable when she "accidentally" feeds Roy or pretends she has to use the potty as an excuse to not take a nap.

This is just a little snapshot of my baby girl--I wrote most of this in an email with my best friend and thought I'd share it with y'all as well :-)

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  1. Hello Tatum,
    You have sister named Sophia that does what do .... and she eat just like you, smiles like you and is pretty like you. I think your giggle might be better than hers, but your unhappy face is definitely better than Sophia. I can't wait to see you again and play with you a lot more than our last visit. Maybe we can climb things together and make something.
    Just love you to pieces.
    Poppie #3