Friday, March 29, 2013


We left our house around 10:30ish Wednesday morning to begin our trek to see Matt's parents in Groveland, CA.  Or as the locals call it, Groovy-land.

Not much detail other than this will be the last trip we don't buy a seat for Tatum.  Being nearly 34 inches long she is getting far too big to sit comfortably on our laps for an extended period of time in those tiny cubicles of seats.

Here are a few pics from the journey...

And the problem with Oreos for lunch is???

I've been traveling for eleven hours...I have a right to be a double-fisted-snackster...

Headed for Groovy-land...

This little trooper went 15 hours without a nap and had only a two-minute meltdown before crashing in her carseat on the drive up the mountain. She was so out that I walked in and put her in her pack n' play without even changing her diaper or taking off her bib.  She stretched, rolled over and continued sleeping soundly...until about 3:30 when I'm sure she woke up wondering where the hay she was.  After a change, letting her hair down, getting her in pajamas and some rocking she was back down again.

Today we rested, she took a THREE hour nap, then we went down to the lake and then to a park. Here's an overdose of cuteness for ya:

She looooves her Dada

And at the end of the day, after bath time, this is what Matt came into the bathroom to find:

Potty/pedicure time.

Such is our life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.