Saturday, September 4, 2010

Travels to Canada: Too Much To Do!

I'm sitting here back in Whistler writing this second part of our Whistler adventure last weekend.  It seems kinda like a deja vu...but with Matt here.

Let me pick up where we left Vancouver with a pair of dirty boxers hanging on the back of the bathroom door.

We were tired enough to fall asleep without too much thinking of what else may have been left unclean in the room.  Not that I haven't slept where its dirty third world countries...on the floor in the corner of an airport....but when you're paying for a clean room its sort of a different expectation.

Oh well.

The next morning the fought the crowds for a breakfast of rubber hard boiled eggs, some sort of meat sausage and a safety net of a fresh waffle.  We packed up, filled the tank with gas and grabbed some coffee before heading north to Whistler.

Once out of the city our conversation was something like this for the next hour and a half.


Oh my gosh!

Look at that aqua water!

That mountain is gorgeous!

And so on and so on...

Here's a bit of what we saw:

We stopped at a little roadside town to explore cause it was just too darn cute to pass up the roadside wood carver, the mining museum and the "general store."

Back on the road we were getting close to Whistler...

We finally pulled into Whistler!

We found our hotel and promptly did what any mature adult women do when presented with a nice made bed.

Jump on it.

We got directions to the village ( just follow the chairlift down!) and headed into the Village.

Once in town we hit a jackpot. Amazing hats...granted they were kids' size but they were AWESOME!!!

After an out-of-this world dinner where I had the best gnocchi I've EVER tasted and had my first bite of veal (I've always had issues with the raising/slaughtering of them but this restaurant was an organic/free range/humane kill kind of one), we grabbed some snacks and sat in the village square to just people watch.

I love Charissa's expression here...and below...

We ended the evening as the sun set...kinda overwhelmed by how beautiful the place was and how much there was to do! How were we going to fit it in two half days?

Then I had an idea...

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