Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did that make you smile? Haha, I almost busted up at my desk when I found that one! Don't you just feel like that some days? Well, some days I feel like the ass (literally speaking of course) that's sticking his nose in every one's business, and other days I feel like the kid who's having a conniption fit.

Don't we all?

Oh a completely different and unrelated note, Matt started a hub yesterday which I finished up. Joint effort for the best results. We're a team and I like that. Roy's part of the team too, like this morning when I tried to wake Matt up and get him out of bed. Roy was right there with me giving cold wet dog kisses on Matt's face, jumping on top of him and forcibly coaxing him out of bed with me. It's good training for kids.

Oh, the hub.

Eating Well for Cheap

or if that link doesn't work.

And if you wanted to you could click on one or two Google ads while you're there. Did I tell you we got a check last month?! My first check ever for all my writing! It went right into the emergency savings fund! And I'm already at $40...this stuff accrues faster over time! Woo hoo!

Ok, that's all for today folks.

Go hug someone you don't like today.


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