Monday, September 28, 2009

You're going to be pop-u-lar

What a weekend!

Let's start with Friday night which began with me throwing Roy in the car and heading to Fred Meyer to get toilet paper. I got everything else I needed and returned to an ecstatic Roy waiting in the car. As I was driving away I saw a man carrying out a large pack of toilet paper--whoops! That was the one thing I forgot! I had to park and leave Roy again...and let me tell you he was NOT happy about it! That dog has a way of speaking his mind through his barks and he was definitely telling me off as I headed into the store again. I thought it humorous but maybe that's just me...

That night I got a call from my friend Stephanie Larsen and she told me that she and her husband's family were going to see Wicked the next night and someone had dropped out of their party...would I like to go?

WOULD I LIKE TO GO!?!?!?! Is she crazy for even having to ask that? I tried to act cool and hide my uber-excitement as I informed her, sure, why not? (as my insides were setting off fireworks and performing cartwheels with ribbon dancers)

The next night I sung along to the soundtrack loudly as I got myself ready for the evening. So loudly was I singing, in fact, that when I left to take Roy outside one more time I noticed a note taped to my door from the apartment manager informing us that a plumber was coming Monday to check for leaks. Apparently I had been singing so heartily I drowned out the sound of his knocking...whoops! At least it wasn't a complaint about my voice and an admonition to never flex my vocal pipes again...

Peter and Stephanie picked me up and we were off to the theatre! For convenience sake, we parked in the convention center parking and walked a couple short blocks to the Paramount theatre.

Peter's parents and sister met up with us there and I have to say what lovely people! Stephanie and I were able to convince them we had time to grab a coffee before heading into the theatre, and can I be allowed to say that Cafe Ladro's macchiatto blows the socks off Starbucks?
That is all.

We went into the theatre and sat down in our A-M-A-Z-I-N-G seats. As the show started and the opening scene came to a close, I knew I was sitting with the right people because they began their hooting and woo hooing along with the applause that early! Yes!

The show was incredible. I was lucky enough to see it in LA, but I'm sorry, this Elphaba ran circles around the one I saw down there. Astounding. I'd kill for sustainment like that. And the Glinda (with a Ga...for those of you who have seen it) was hilarious and at the right times proved deep and raw as well. Great blend of the main actresses, I must say, and I haven't stopped singing the soundtrack since. Matt is sick to death of "Popular" and wishes I would return to my semi-normal way of speaking.
After the show we headed to Gordon Biersch for some yumminess. Usually a beer and wine girl I followed Stephanie's lead and tried a pomegranate mojito...oh yum yum. And breaded and fried artichoke hearts? Helloooooo. Now COMPLETELY satisfied we headed back to the find the garage closed.
Uh oh.

Then Stephanie remembers seeing something about closing after midnight.

Double uh oh.

We traipse blocks around the convention center which is, by the by, gargantuan and I thank my lucky stars I wore decent pumps rather than the strappy stilettoes I was originally planning on. Eventually we find our way into the parking garage...and we estimate ourselves two miles from our parking spot. Ok, maybe it wasn' two miles but this garage is like the labyrinth of Minos. We did find our car and made it home, listening to the original soundtrack the whole way.

Thanks again Stephanie and Peter--it was FANTASTIC!!! (And for those of you who have yet to see it, GO!)

I was so high on theatre (I get that way) that I didn't get to bed until 2 am...with an early morning looming in front of me.

We had a hike planned for Sunday, and Matt wanted to get an early start and beat the crowds.

Oh boy. be continued when I get home and have access to my photos...let me just say that yesterday involved dog snot, bees, and lots of wind.


  1. Excuse me? I didn't ask if you'd LIKE to go. I called and said I had an offer that YOU COULDN'T REFUSE. You didn't really have a choice in the matter. Just thought I'd set the record straight for your readers. You're welcome. :)

  2. haha, this is true. My memory distorts things for the sake of writing...bad habit!