Friday, March 26, 2010

Drinking Wine From a Dixie Cup

We've moved!

After weeks of packing, condensing, organizing, and trying to prepare for the big day it is now behind us and all our of stuff is currently sitting in boxes in our new place (or in my car, still)

Sunday and Monday night we were at the Queen Anne apartment spackling, touching up paint, vacuuming and cleaning every last nook and cranny.

And you know what I've learned in all this?

No matter how organized you think you are, you're still going to wind up throwing a wayward shoe you found under the bed, a half-used bottle of shampoo, a too-late discovered library book and a box of spaghetti all in one box.

And, no matter how clean you think you are, you'll still find dirt in the windowsill and spatters on the stove.

That's life. Messy, dirty, and at the end of the day further under your fingernails than you're comfortable with.

Here's a couple shots during the pack up.

Roy would not stop itching a hot spot on his tummy and I got so fed up with him I put a t-shirt on him.

He wears it well.

And here's Mr. Matt helping pack up the kitchen...or something like that.

Friday evening Matt and I headed over to the New Place, signed the lease, did a quick walk through and unloaded our first batch of stuff. Mostly fragile stuff that I get nervous and fidgety about when I think of it riding in a Budget truck or important stuff that we'll need right away.

So basically, our china and the toilet paper.

so nice and clean! (for now)

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear, thank goodness. Our ever-so-appreciated friends Stephanie and Peter turned up and with their help we began moving our stuff from the apartment to the hall, from the hall to the elevator, and from the elevator to the truck.

Stephanie and I began the day upstairs tying up loose ends, but one trip down to the truck after a "It's getting full" from Matt told us we were more needed there.

We love our men, we really do, but for whatever reason their packing skills...well...are a bit lacking. You want a computer fixed? Peter's your guy. What kind of jacket do you need to scale Everest? Matt's your man. Both can carry massive loads without so much as a grunt, but ask them to play Tetris and they might have some issues.

The "almost full" 16' Budget truck had almost no floor space left, but things were only stacked a box or two high...

Enter Stephanie.

In ten minutes items were wedged and moved and rearranged to clear up half the truck space and pack everything in for a nice, cozy ride. She should seriously consider a career as a moving van packer, because she did an amazing job!

By two-ish we were starving, tired, and ready to head south. Stephanie and Peter headed off to Costco to grab lunch and Matt and I were off to the new place.

Now, you may be wondering in all this hullabaloo where the Roy Boy was.


My dog went skiing while we sweat and grunted and moved our stuff. Matt's friend John took his dog Cooper and our Roy up to the mountains and they would hike up a mountiain and while John skiied down Roy took full advantage of his webbed paws and ran/slid downhill.

As John said, "Roy is so much better behaved after an hour of running through the snow!"

At the new place, after a quick lunch and a promise for the zillionth time to Steph and Peter that we'd return to Queen Anne to visit (I promise!), we began the process of unloading. Mark and Sara--the couple who own the house--graciously helped us out and the unload process went much faster than the loading process!

Aaaaaaaah! Chaos!!!

And that's when you pour your wine in a dixie cup, pop a squat on the floor since there's no couch and listen to the rain fall. And did it EVER fall! Not on moving day, thank the good Lord. But Sunday and Monday we had a downpour like I've never seen!

Monday I was home with a migraine (guess I should mention I had it since Saturday morning...ah the joys of eating unhealthy and getting no sleep), and realized the rain was getting louder and louder.

Then I looked outside.


Roy wasn't sure what to think of this stuff...

Inside, he has claimed his own spot on the stairs where he can survey everything and still listen to the kids upstairs.

And at the end of the first night, I looked over to see my men snuggling...awww...

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for the next update, "In the Land of Two Names."

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