Thursday, April 8, 2010

Journey to Okie Land

We moved on a Saturday and Sunday.

Monday after work we went back to the old apartment to clean it.

Tuesday after work we tried to unpack what we could at our new place.

Wednesday after work we went back to the old apartment to clean the carpets.

Thursday after work we went back to the old apartment to hand over the keys and do the walk through.

Friday morning we dropped Roy off at daycare and flew to Oklahoma City for the Easter weekend.

We were flat out exhausted. The circles under my eyes were so dark I kept thinking it was mascara that had smudged.

On our way to OKC we had to stop in Denver, then we met up with my brother and got on a small prop plane headed to OKC.
Oh Lordy.

I've had some air scares. I've been in a plane hit by lightning, in one that had to take off unexpectedly so we wouldn't crash into another plane on the tarmac, and had my share of drink-spilling turbulence.

But those flights in and out of Denver, let me tell you, were some of the worst turbulence I've been in. And on the first flight out I would have been near pulling something my mother once did in putting my feet up on the back of the seat in front of me like birthing stirrups and shrieking "WE'RE GOING DOWN!"
Sorry, mom, but that story's just too good to hide.
I say "would have been" because in the seat in front of me sat a good ole' Oklahoma boy who laughed, guffawed, yipped and yee-hawed for every jolt and drop that plane took. My brother was sitting across the aisle from him and kept making eye contact with me with a look that said, "Is he crazy? I don't care because it makes the whole thing funny and a lot less scary!"
Twenty minutes into the flight it felt the whole plane (all 30 of us or however many there were) was giggling right along with the man. When we left Oklahoma and flew back to Denver, I kept thinking of that man and every dip and dive we took I giggled and thought, "THAT was a doosey!"
We did make it safety to Oklahoma City where my exuberant Dad picked us up and took us directly to the new Mid American Christian University (, for a little plug) campus to show us around his new office.
Very nice indeedy, and if you're looking for an online school I've heard good things about it ;-). Both my parents are in the process of finishing up their college degrees and are enjoying it, though it seems funny to hear my mom talk about homework.
At my parent's house which is adorably decorated and felt like "home" with so many familiar things in it, we were wrapped in the whirlwind hug that was my mom and hustled in for a dinner of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits...mmm. That began a long weekend of eating very very good food in very very large quantities. I think I'm still full, and the phrase of the weekend was "I'm in a food coma."
More to come later on Brick Town, storm chasing, and giant sculptures of the Oklahoma land race but all that need pictures and I don't have those right now so you'll have to wait.
And I haven't forgotten about "The Land of Two Names" post, its just much better shown with pictures and every night up until last weekend has been preoccupied with trying to get our house in order. Which it now is...but then of course, you'd like to see pictures...

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