Monday, April 12, 2010

Never Underestimate a Sofa

Oh how I've missed it.

Being able to come home from a long day and plop down.

Taking the phrase "Put your feet up" literally.

Laying at one end of the couch and waving my feet in front of Matt's face for him to rub.

Yes, all these things are what comes with a sofa.

Which we had not had (is that grammatically correct?) for a month now. But last Friday, after impatiently waiting we finally picked up our first large furniture purchase made as a couple. A brand new couch!

Before I give you the grand tour of our near-completed home, let's recap over the past month.

First there was an empty room.

a few boxes at first

then we moved in

and began unpacking...

and our house exploded.

it was about this time I went insane.

Eventually we got it under control...

but were still waiting for that elusive piece of furniture...

and Friday we got it!

oh how we rejoiced!

And now for your consideration, is our new home.

Roy is very grateful for the shag rug. Its one large dog bed.

I love our library, but was shocked to find 3 bookcases hardly held all our books!

see Ammah? we kept your yellow chair

I love our little breakfast nook...

This clear counter top makes me feel so Zen

The bedroom is still a work in progress. We had a minor setback when a shelf loaded with books and pictures decided to give way and dump everything into our laundry bins giving Roy and I quite a start, and I'm still figuring out what to do with that whole wall. And I have plans for the stairway, too, but you'll have to wait for that one.

Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Palmer Place!

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  1. The whole place is downright gorgeous, just like you. Love your style. Enjoy your place.