Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Best Season

This is SO my favorite season!

not the spider part...I just thought it was a pretty picture...

Back in SoCal I would try to embrace the calendar date by donning turtlenecks and cardigans...and proceed to sweat and suffer.  Cute coats were unnecessary but still worth the heat stroke. And my hair stayed white-blonde year round with no artificial help.

But up HERE near Latitude 47, cardigans are appreciated and coats are critical! Scarves are more than a cute accessory! Hallelujah! (and on the downside my hair now needs a bit of help to retain its "natural" light blondeness...I'm not ready to reconcile with "dishwater blonde" just yet...)

This past weekend Matt and I headed out to Jubilee Farms (where we get our CSA box) to go the the pumpkin patch. I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect autumn day!

my handsome hubby...

with the clippers, ready to find our pumpkin!

I give the man the camera for two minutes and what does he take a picture of? Typical male...

I think this is it!

our baby pumpkin!

would it like some itty bitty squash to keep it company?

some tidbits around the farm...

Squash: A Still Life

relaxing? yes.

Hayride anyone?

look its Thursday Farms! Oh wait...juuust kidding...

That concludes the visual tour for the day.

Tomorrow I'll be introducing you to a Ruffled Owl baby quilt...

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