Friday, October 8, 2010

Weird Dog and You Can Still Win an Apron!

Yesterday morning I woke up with a terrible migraine.

I took some medicine and went back to bed, where Roy decided to join me once Matt had vacated his spot.

Upon me draping my arm across my forehead, I felt something cold and wet poke into my armpit. I open my eyes and there was Roy, happy as a clam to be as close to the source of all my humanly scent as possible. I was so tired I didn't even move but fell back asleep.

An hour later, I woke up and Roy's nose was still tucked snugly in my pit. What a weird dog...

He continued his attachment right up until I left for the day. Walking with his shoulder pressed against my leg, collapsing with a sigh on my feet when I sat down, nosing my arm to be pet and trying to get into the shower with me...when that didn't work he settled with lying right against the shower door.

Its funny how he can go from fiercely independent to intensely clingy.
After reading an article on Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that was written by someone who has been breeding them for 45 years, I think we have a better understanding of our Roy Boy.

They have a sense of justice, you see. Now, how can a dog have a sense of justice? Well anyone who's ever owned a dog who's gotten into the trash and then looked immensely guilty knows dogs at least know when they do something wrong. So maybe a sense of justice isn't too far of a leap...

See, Chessies will only obey you if they feel like you are justified in what you're asking them to do. The article focused on Chessies used for duck hunting, and the writer wrote that if they don't feel you are justified in your command, the dog will look as you as if to say, "Get your own damn duck."
Pardon the french, but this has become a catchphrase in our house.
If we are eating dinner, for example, Roy has no problem obeying our "Go Lie Down" command. But the other night we were just watching a food in sight...when Matt told Roy to lie down.

Where was the justice?

Roy paused and looked at him...and kept walking around. Matt tried again, in a sterner voice. Again, Roy looked at him, moved toward his bed...and kept on walking. By this time Matt was getting ticked (I was in hysterics). Matt raised his voice and told Roy to GO LAY DOWN.

If the dog could talk, he would have said, "Get your own damn duck."

And now we realize our weird dog has some sense of justice. There really was no reason he should have had to lay was just bothering Matt that he wasn't!

Personally I think its pretty funny...

kinda like this picture of him rubbing his face all over our bathroom rug and my used towel...

On another note, you can still submit ideas for shop names to win an apron!  I'm leaning towards the more abstract names...especially ones that don't tie me into aprons or kitchen items necessarily.  What if I want to branch into dog capes or mittens? You gotta leave the door open for that, right? You never know...I may be the world's next greatest designer of finger puppets!!!

Just leave a comment either here, or on the Win an Apron page!

(Ooh, and stay tuned for two new apron designs to be shown this weekend!!!)

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  1. I loved this post and a little insight on your doggie. HOW precious! Aren't dogs the most loyal companions?! Love my lab!