Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little News...

Well I know its been nearly two weeks now, but frankly I haven't been quite up to blogging as I usually am.

This probably comes from the fact that I've spent more time on the couch during the past three weeks than the last three months combined.

That's because I'm now 8 weeks pregnant!

It was a surprise to us, as we weren't really planning on trying for a family until the early next year but God has other plans! We've tried to keep it pretty quiet, seeing as its still very early in the pregnancy.

Tuesday we had a bit of a scare, and Matt met me at the hospital for our first ultrasound.  I thought maybe I had had a miscarriage, and was trying to prepare myself for the worst. After some bloodwork, we went in for the ultrasound.

There was our little baby...about the size of a blueberry with a flashing heartbeat. Matt and I looked at each other and smiled in relief. Definitely one of those moments that will be seared into my mind forever.

When I got home, one of my pregnancy emails said that once you see or hear the heartbeat, the chances of a miscarriage drop to less than I figured it was a good time to tell y'all!

So if you notice a slight dip in the blogging during these first few months, now you'll understand why!

Love you all, and am so thankful I have you to share this with!


  1. I love you. And that little baby. He/She will know me well.

  2. Aww reading this brought tears to my eyes! I am super excited for you! You will be a great a mommy!

  3. yaaaay!!! that's wonderful, congrats!

  4. so happy for you guys! love the Castons