Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tatum's 19th Week...after MIA for week 18

I know, I've been absent awhile.

But let me explain.

First, though, is Tatum K at 19 weeks!

I was curious so we weighed and measured her ourselves tonight.  While there may be a little wiggle room for error, it seems she's at 19 pounds and 26 inches!!! 19 pounds on the growth chart is big for a NINE month old!! I'm starting to put her in 12 month old clothes!!! What do I make, super milk?!?!

We also bundled up and went to Lowe's for her first Christmas tree...

Uncle Jeremiah wore a crazy sweater...

The men did the tree dance and spun trees around for us womenfolk to choose:

And Tatum was appropriately dressed like an elf...

And when we got home we dressed up up like a flapper...

We're loco.  Understood.

In other big news...

We're thinking about buying a house.

Like, a house house.  With a door and windows and a fireplace and yard and garage.

Which for people who lived in a basement for a year and now live with parents is a BIG DEAL.

We never would have been able to afford a home like this in San Diego or Seattle...even if we did both work.  That's the crazy thing.  Here, on Matt's salary alone, we're looking at a 1600 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom  HOME.

So we've spent the past few weeks crunching numbers and looking at houses and gathering paperwork to be pre-qualified and its been exciting and scary all at the same time.

Could we make it? Should we wait? If we wait, should we stay with my parents or rent a tiny place for the time being? A lot is up in the air at the moment but its such a different feeling of  'I don't know what's going to happen' as compared to a year ago.

That, in addition to the usual Christmas bustle and date nights and helping out at the church and wrapping packages and doing laundry and changing diapers and the occasional bit of sleep thrown in has kept me pretty busy for the past couple of weeks!

So if you think of it, say a little prayer for wisdom for us as we're trying to figure out where the Lord wants us to be right now and a month from now.

Oh, and Tatum is rolling over, almost sitting up, reaching for everything and anything, and refusing to take naps or go to sleep EVER.  I didn't know it was physically possible for a child to be awake as much as she is! Any mommies out there...do you think I should start giving her a bit of rice cereal at night to help her sleep based on her weight rather than age? We were planning to wait until 6 months before starting solids, but Mama needs to sleep longer than 2 hours without getting up to flip her back on her back or put the binkie in or nurse!

'Till next time, stay jolly my friends!


  1. Yes it is fine to give her cereal. I started each child at a different age based on them. I gave Hailey cereal at 3 1/2 months cause I needed more than 2 hours.....it worked wonders! Until she started teething :)
    We will continue to pray for you all!

    p.s. I loved the flapped outfit!

  2. Friend! So thrilled that you might buy a house. We will be praying! A great adventure :)

  3. Sounds like many exciting things are happening! Congrats on the thoughts of buying a house. It can be a scary experience, but an awesome one at the same time! On the note of rice cereal...I'd say she is more than fine to start. My son was a horrible spitter upper and could barely keep anything down and that was even with medication. So we started rice cereal at a month old per doctors orders and he is just fine and healthy. Way back in the day...like our parents day with us they typically started giving rice cereal at a younger age. Good luck and I hope you get some sleep soon :)

  4. ommmmmmg, I can't handle the cuteness of Tatum. The flapper costume is sooooooooooo adorable.

    Good luck with the home search - that's great news. I know the two of you can do it.


  5. don´t care about her weight at this age... once she starts teething it will change - you will be happy if she eats anything at all :-)

    Cereals: since her 3 months my daughter liked baked pumpkin (smashed), broccoli (smashed), patatoes (smashed, of course), apples, pears. We started with meat at her 6 months(of course, no salt, no spice, no fat...). We both slept very well :-)))