Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 33

Here's my Sunshine.

Though admittedly a bit grumpy yesterday...not enough naps...

And in the good news department, the sellers of our house agreed to do all the fixes we requested and are tenting for termites as well--YAAAY!!!  So from here on out it looks like smooth sailing!  I'm starting to pick out paint chips and spending way too much time on DIY budget renovation blogs!

Now what's your opinion...should I paint the kitchen cabinets white or stain them darker?

The walls will be a pale green similar to this (depending on your computer screen):

...and I might redo the laminate countertops with Giani granite and can go a lot of different shades (from light to almost black)...

Go dark and add some depth or white or buttercream and make it all fresh and bright?

Opinions, thoughts, and well wishes all accepted.


  1. Tater-Tot is getting more and more beautifull :-))) (and getting blonde?)

    reg. to the kitchen walls - I would try buttercream. White is too sterile and if Roy will leak it or sits down with a wet back, white will become disgusting - buttercream is at least not so sterile. Furthermore the natural light coming from outside will make the kitchen walls very bright - if it´s white you will get blind of it :-) buttercream will eliminate this a little bit.

    The dark colour of the fridge is a little bit disturbing...

    If this would be my kitchen, I would paint the wood and that one door with a nicer colour - I know this seems to be natural now, but somehow it doesn´t fit to the shape of the kitchen itself + it doesn´t fit to you.

  2. I love bright kitchens so I vote butter cream, but dark with depth would be a winner too :)

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