Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Week 34 and Lots of Firsts

Guess who's teething?

The Tater Tot!

In fact, we think both front bottom teeth are coming in at the same time...

This should be fun.

Actually she hasn't been all that fussy.  In fact, when Mama or someone is playing with her she's rather a happy baby!

We've had a lot of "firsts" this week.  

First time blowing bubbles (not that impressed at first...)

She seemed a bit offended that Nonnie would blow them in her face!

Then they grew on her a bit...

And now she thinks bubbles are pretty interesting.

She had her first popsicle (just water and a bit of apple juice)...and again wasn't all that thrilled.

And she now makes the "milk" sign with her hand when she's hungry! Yay! 

She almost always poops in her potty and most of the time pees when we put her on there (maybe TMI, but this EC thing is really working and I'm excited to not be changing a poopy diaper every day!).

Oh, and she figured out how to take off her Velcro cloth diaper during her nap. Looks like I'll be getting some more Ruffle Butt covers!

That's all of Tatum's big news!

In my world I've been running around the clock (it feels like) trying to get things ready for her nursery, painting her crib (more on that later), searching Craigslist for furniture pieces since we had to leave so much behind in Seattle, getting my hours done for my job, and trying to remember that guy's name who sleeps in my bed and I think I'm married to.  What's his name? Oh yeah, Matt ;-)

'Till next time!


  1. Do you think the amber necklace has helped with the teething? When did she first start wearing it?

  2. Your pics made me smile! So cute! Her hair reminds me of the hair my kids had!

  3. I love her soooooo much!! <3