Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kenna's First Week

Here's my littlest girl at one week old!

This girl eats--a LOT! More than my little ten-pounder Tatum did! And she wants us to know she is her OWN girl! Within 15 minutes of being born she got upset about something and let out a squeal to make us understand her displeasure. We've heard that little squeal a number of times since then...I don't think we're getting a calm, quiet baby like we originally thought! I think changing her name to Kenna--meaning fiery, beautiful, and strong and competent woman--was the correct choice!

Tatum got to meet her little sister about 8 hours after she was born. As she came around the corner she stopped short when she saw me holding Kenna.

"Do you know who this is?" I asked her.

"It's for ME!" she said.

"Yes!" I said, then continued with the brainwashing I've been working on, "This is your best friend! Do you know who it is?"

"Baby Kenna!" she knew right away!

"She come out of your tummy!" 

"Yes she did!"

Immediately her toddler mind went to work. "Now you can hold me!!!"

Um...give Mama a week or so before I'm hefting your 40lbs again, lol!

Tatum spun and danced and played, then settled down with her guitar to sing a lullaby to Baby Sister.

Later that day Roy came home from Nonnie and Poppie's and met Kenna. He sniffed her a few times, then when my mom pointed her out again he sniffed one more time, they lay down next to the bed with a "Harumph!" as if to say, "Yep, another one."

My Uncle Larry and cousin Cara were visiting that weekend as well--good timing! We were honestly expecting Miss Kenna to be late so it was fun that they got to meet both of our girls for the first time on the same day! Since they live in Colorado and we've moved a few times, we actually haven't seen them since our wedding 6 1/2 years ago!

Tatum was hooked pretty quick--especially since Uncle Larry brought bubbles, nail polish, chapstick and toy animals. The way to this girl's heart for sure! He even painted her nails--twice! She was letting them dry in this picture :-)

By Saturday night the rolls in Kenna's neck were beginning to accumulate some junk so it was time for her first bath! 

The big bathtub for her was still in the attic, so we attempted a bath in our little sink.

It did not go so well.

Why oh WHY are they doing this?!?!

On Mother's Day I got the best gift--the gift of alone time!  Matt and Tatum went to church and Kenna slept most of the time so I got to enjoy a quiet morning! 

Later we headed to my parents for a late lunch and to hang out. Towards the very end of the day, Tatum finally used up enough energy to hold Kenna somewhat calmly. 

Kenna also is pretty at home taking naps with Daddy

A day or two later we gave Kenna another bath--this time with much more success!  She nearly fell asleep while taking her soak, and loved the water pouring over her feet so much she reached up and hooked her toes on the rim of the cup!

So there's our first week highlights! Tatum is handling baby sister great so far...I keep waiting for the jealous big sister to show up but she has yet to appear. Whenever she comes back from time with Ammah or Nonnie and Poppie she always looks for Kenna and says hi.  This morning she came back from an overnighter and didn't see Kenna until she was going out the back door. She stopped when she saw her asleep in the bouncer and intoned, "oooooh hiiii!" Maybe my best-friend-brainwashing will work!

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