Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kenna is--WHAT?!--ELEVEN WEEKS?!

Okay, so we took photos at Week 7...but I didn't get around to editing them.

And then she began taking her long nap in the morning when the lighting was best in her we kept putting it off until she was awake...and then not doing it at all!

So this morning right before she crashed again we were able to get some 11 week photos! But first, here she is at 7 weeks!

And a few more because she was so expressive that day!

Like expressing SHOCK



And sleepiness

Shortly after this we celebrated my 30th (wait, what?) birthday, Fourth of July, and my Dad's 54th birthday (they were just babies when they had me!)

Tatum, Ammah and I went to the Edmond Parade

Then we drove north to Tulsa to go to the aquarium and watch the fireworks. Three words: hot, humid, and hot. 

Kenna is a total Daddy's girl

In garden news we have a jungle in our backyard again! And we scored a major deal at Target for a picnic table! Then I, being tired of soggy cushions on our current patio furniture and having a fire pit in a table that's just not practical for either windy Oklahoma or toddlers, sold our patio set and bought new chairs, a bar cart, and a teak coffee table and the difference was only $5! Score! The old coffee table got a coat of outdoor spray paint and is now on the deck with chairs that take up less room and dry off much faster!

A couple of shots from April so you can see the difference:

we were getting a bit of late snow

Then here is early June:

And now in late July:

And here's the latest harvest--lots of onions and carrots!

And here's a few day to day shots of my adorable girls:

she's still working on that whole eyes-straight thing

Kenna has gone from having three modes: sleeping, nursing or angry, to being a VERY happy baby!!!

And it only took ELEVEN weeks but Tatum finally wanted to hold Kenna again!

Which finally brings us to the point of this blog post--how did my baby get to be ELEVEN WEEKS?!

My little squishy weighed in at 13lbs 10oz and 24 1/2 inches long for her two month well-baby check up! We just make big babies round here!

That's the news on the kiddo end of things. For Matt and I we've had a very unexpected side business spring up--teaching about essential oils. It started as more of a ministry and it still is, because anytime people feel better or have a weapon to fight things like depression or anger or high blood pressure or scoliosis or an autoimmune disease, it is a blessing. 

Yesterday I got sick. A head cold with all the usual aches, runny nose, cough, sneezes, soreness and all-around misery of the thing. I felt it coming on when I was up at 5 am for a feeding. All day I hit the oils. And I didn't sit down unless it was to nurse or use the bathroom--very bad when you're sick but I had a lot of things to get done! 

Last night I had Matt do a VERY modified and VERY fast technique called the Raindrop Massage on me. You basically use a number of oils along the spine. There's a specific order, amount of drops, height from which they are dropped on the spine, and way to massage them in.

Matt's method was shake shake shake, rub rub rub. Next oil. Shake shake shake rub rub rub.

Not very exact. However, I am NINETY PERCENT BETTER this morning! If it wasn't for a little tickle in my throat and a bit of a cough I'd have no other symptoms! Hallelujah!

Anyways, I don't really "sell" oils, host "parties" or any of those typical things you think of when you think of something like this. I educate. I am a research nut and blessed to have an outlet for this. I owe not plunging into full on post-partum depression to the oils. They have changed our family's lives and regardless whether I continue teaching or not we will always be stocked!  

So if you think you've tried every "natural" remedy for something (like I thought I had with my migraines), give me a shout and let me do some research for you.

Until next time my lovely friends and fam!


  1. Hi Kaitlyn,
    any news related to your beautifull family?

  2. Miss your posts. Hope all is well with your family. I love oils too, and would love it if you start posting again, if you covered some of your favorite uses. I haven't heard of the raindrop massage.... off to pinterest to see if I can find out more!