Thursday, December 4, 2008

Falling in Love

Mmmm…smell that rich aroma of your coffee, doctored just the way you like it and sitting there steaming in front of you? Cup your hands around it—even if it’s in a paper cup—and enjoy its hospitality to your hands. Outside right now its 45 degrees and nothing warms you to the core like a hot drink. Now that I’ve got you nice and buttered up for your morning cup…here it is!

Saturday, November 15th will always be the day I remember as the day I fell in love with Seattle.

 I slept soundly knowing that Monday morning I had a job to go to, and woke up late and unburdened with the nagging thought that I needed to spend more time searching online for jobs or making calls or fine tuning my resume. I ate a slice of homemade pumpkin pie for breakfast (isn’t that the best?), then around 2 I finally got dressed and headed out for a day in Queen Anne. 

I went to the artists’ trunk show…but figured I could make 99% of what they were showing and while I was willing to support local artists I wasn’t going to pay $20 for a 2 inch felt owl that wasn’t even sewn…it was glued! Haha, after I browsed my way through that I cut across the playfield where kids were burying themselves in the giant mounds of leaves and finally made it to the Queen Anne Library. I know. I can’t believe it took me two weeks either.

This charming brick building was built in 1913, and has as much character and warmth as its neighborhood. I wandered in there for awhile, finally found an interesting book on the history of Seattle and plopped down in a cozy reading area to read the first 20 pages. Glancing up at the gorgeous stained glass windows I realized that it was getting late and I wanted to be home before dark—plus I had apples drying in the oven which made the whole house smell like apple pie.

As I began walking home, I came around the corner and caught the tail end of a glorious sunset over the Olympic Mountains. It was one of the few times they’re really clear, and the clouds were lit up like a magnificent torch over Elliott Bay. Finally knowing what the best streets to take were, I hurried to 8th street where I caught the rest of it, and it struck me that that was the moment I fell in love with this new city. The mountains, the bay, the trees in their autumnal brilliance, the smells, the feel--everything natural and wonderful swirled into this feeling of adoration and thanksgiving for where God had placed me. 

I’m so glad Matt didn’t apply for a job in Alabama.

Sunday Matt and I slept in late and then went to the Woodland Park Zoo. Now, I know we were spoiled down there living 15 minutes from the San Diego Zoo, but you know? This one ain’t half bad! It’s much smaller…which is actually kinda nice. You don’t have to work up the energy to go see the tigers. And the animals have much more space to roam…it was more like a mini wild animal park than a zoo. 

The funniest thing, though, was as we were looking for gorillas there was this weird and loud bird-sounding thing going off right behind us. I look and there perched in a tree and glaring at us with beady eyes was a fat squirrel. Chak chak chak he said continued to do so as we began to laugh. This apparently irritated him so he let out a long noise and began creeping down the branches toward us seething with anger. We were basically trying to control our laughter at this point, but with it only being a couple of feet away I had a vision of it attacking Matt’s face like a Chevy Chase movie. So we tried to stifle our laughter and backed away as it continued chattering at us—here’s a video that sounds just like it!

We tried out our first Seattle church called Bethany Community Church for the night service, and really enjoyed it. The worship was good, sermon was good and spot on (and we were on our guard for sure). While it had a community focus it definitely didn’t leave scripture behind but rather used it copiously (Matt’s words). We’ll definitely be back to check it out again and want to try out the young professionals group.

Yesterday I started work at Delta. Now, this isn’t going to be what my normal job is like. I’m not even “official” yet just helping them out while Michelle (my direct boss) is in Mexico for the photo shoot of slojo, a yacht that I’ve actually gotten to know at Driscoll’s. My job this week entails stuffing the newsletters in the envelope, sliding the glue stick and sealing the envelope, sticking the stamp on, and sticking the label on these letters and newsletters that go in a silver cardstock envelope.

Stuff. Slide. Seal. Stamp. Stick. Stack.

I have 2,000 newsletters to do.

As I’m stuffing and sliding and sealing and stamping…I go to affix a mailing label and look down and my eyes pop.

Oprah Winfrey

What the heck? I look at the stack of labels in front of me and start to read a few more names. Warren Buffet. Donald Trump. George Lucas. Ralph Lauren. Holy moley, these are the type of people getting this newsletter? I go to affix Steven Spielberg’s address on his newsletter and am holding the corners tightly, trying to make sure it goes on perfectly straight. Right before I got to place it my right hand slips and it goes on crooked.

Sorry Steven.

Till next time...

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