Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Chance To Win An Apron!!!

Okay folks, today's the day!

Enter your name suggestions for a chance to win an apron!

(And here's another fun tidbit...you get something even if I don't choose your name!)

So lay it on me! Whaddya got?

And here's a few more aprons I whipped up this weekend. 

 May I introduce:

A polka dot version of The Julia

I have to say I was stoked when I found this sweet pink polka dot to accent the pocket!

And for a new design, The Mariella
(done here in Christmas colors!)

Isn't my boy sweet posing?

And there's a cute ruffle detail on the pocket

Here it is with an obi-style tie

And tied in the back...

And lastly in honor of my first grade teacher (this one is actually for a teacher), The Miss Sandy

(sorry 'bout the pics, was rushing around this morning and couldn't get the darn thing to focus right...)

Have to say I love the button details on this...

So there you have it...wouldn't you like one of you own???


  1. Love the new aprons!!! I may have to take a second job!!

    Okay -here's my LAST suggestion and not a "pocket mentioned in the bunch!"

    - The Virtuous Wife
    - Persimon's Wisdom
    - Thursday's Virtues
    - The Persimon Pantry
    - The Persimon Project
    - Persimon and Figs
    - Fig Leaves & Persimon's
    - The Giggling Persimon
    - Fiddlesticks
    - Persimons & Pomegranites
    - Persimone Cove

    I'm done!

  2. Wow, Kait,

    I am simply amazed at these lovely aprons and its colors. I am usually jack of all, but I do not know any sewing, so I am impressed beyond!

    I am unable to think names but I liked what MomKat suggested. If she wins, I get to share her price, because I agree with her :-)