Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Win An Apron!

Okay folks.  You know I like cooking. And sewing. And over on The Giggling Gourmet I've got a page devoted to aprons I sell.  But there was a problem.

I found out The Giggling Gourmet is some lady in South Africa that has beaten me to it and copyrighted the name! Fiddlesticks!

So now I need a name for my little side shop I'm setting up.

If you come up with the winning name, you win a free apron!

(Men, you can get a manly BBQing apron in a manly fabric if you want...other than that I got nothin' for ya!)

Here is the criteria:

The name has to be original (google or bing it to make sure)

And that's about it!

You can submit as many suggestions as you like for multiple chances to win!

It can be abstract like  Film in the Fridge
Or explanatory like Hand Made Charlotte

Update 10/10/2010: I had the thought to include Thursday somewhere.  If you head over to our Thursday Farms blog you'll understand.  Any suggestions?

Leave your suggestion in the comment section on either this post or The Giggling Gourmet to be entered to win your very own ___(you fill in the blank)______ Apron!

Deadline is Tuesday, October 12th at midnight.

What're ya waiting for? Don't you want one of these?

or these?


  1. "Kait's Cooking Clothes" very cute aprons! I'd luv to wear when when I visit my daughter's class to decorate cookies!

  2. Hi Kait! Your aprons are awesome and I would love to order some (for Christmas gifts to give)or win one! My fave is the Katie. Anyway I have four submissions:

    "The Chortling Chef" and "The Bubbly Bon Vivant". I did Google them and there was a website called the "Seattle Bon Vivant" written by a traveling foodie that also is a photographer, but I think your blog is actually different than hers. Oh, and Patrick wants me to submit "The Chuckling Chopper" and "Spoons over my hamminess" :) Miss you - Aunt Sue

  3. lol my suggestion? "Fiddlesticks!" I don't know, jsut struck me as cute! And the sort of name I'd remember. Plus, you have a great back story for how you choose the name!

  4. i like kitchen covers and delectable threads

  5. Well, I'm pretty sure there are some guys that would be interested in receiving The Trisha...
    I'll come up with some suggestions and get them to you soon :)

  6. hmm..how about "Kait's Kitchen"? :)


  7. Kait's Kreations? or Kreated by Kait.
    I love aprons and use them (almost) daily.

  8. i use an apron frequently. I think you ought to just go with "your name dba the giggling gourmet" if you like the name _that much_. However, that name says (to me) that you are selling food, which you are not. So how about 'giggling gourmet goodies'?

  9. I really could use an apron!!! I am a messy cook. I like the name " the snickerdoodle" :)

  10. Gingham & Giggles!

    Yep googled it

    you know who...

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  12. Pockets and Pies
    Pockets & Posies
    Pockets & Pie Crust

    Palmer's Pockets

  13. Hi Kait! How about the name " Thimbles and Thrills" for your shop? I think it is really cute! I googled it and see no signs of it being taken :)


  14. Interesting challenge... What about a name in another language, like:

    Risita Regalo (which translates to giggling gifts)

    or Laget av Love (which translates to Made of love in Norweigan)

    [I had two others, but they didn't pass the google check].

    if you don't like those, I do encourage playing with the google translator and phrases you like in different languages. :-)

  15. How about
    By the Pretty Apron Strings...?

    or Hip and Happy Aprons...

    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  16. What about Apron Joy


  17. "Kait's Counter Culture"

    Do you like that? Just a thought...


    writeme at heidimail dot com

  18. So i noticed how you make the aprons however the customer wants to how about "Eased to Please" or instead of made to order, "Created to Order" JGPeaches267@yahoo.com

  19. Persimmon Tulip
    Eggplant Aubergine
    Lime Tortillas
    Austin's Antagonist
    DaVinci's Darling
    Persimmon Thursday
    (I'm really into Persimmon for some reason--the color, not the fruit)
    Aubergine Thursday
    (Aubergine, too, aparently)
    Thursday's Darling

    Googled all of them. Good luck... whatever the name, I'll continue to read :)

  20. Giovedi Gourmet (Italian Thursday)
    Bon Vivant
    Snazzy Smocks... lol. No wait, I have to do you a favor and veto that one
    Jupiter's Style (astrological planet of thursday)
    Jupiter's Kitchen
    Jupiter's Seamstress
    Saddle Stich
    Couturier Counter
    Thursday's Thimble
    Thread of Thursdays
    Thread of Thought