Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hometown Tourists

A few weekends ago my cousin Amanda headed north to visit (and check out the University of Washington, but mostly to see us, I'm sure).

We love it when company comes because it gives us an excuse to be hometown tourists! Admittedly it was easier living in Queen Anne and so much closer to everything, but its nice now to have an excuse to get coffee at El Diablo or head to Pike Place Market.

I should have posted this long ago, but here's a visual re-cap of her whirlwind tour.

The first day she arrived, we visited my favorite fish n' chips place at Fisherman's Terminal called Little Chinook's, then after a coffee at El Diablo we were going to head to the Harry Potter Exhibition, but found out tickets wouldn't open up for another 7 hours (yikes!). So we made use of the Seattle Center and visited the Experience the Music Project/Science Fiction Museum (also known as the EMP).

Good times all around. And there were no nudists in the park this time, which was a plus. 

The next day Matt joined us on our tours, and we headed downtown to the Seattle Art Museum (which I've been wanting to go to since we moved here) and Pike Place Market.

This mask was supposed to be of a woman in labor...somehow I don't think I'm going to look that serene...

I really liked this painting, it looked like fur. Oh, and I got a haircut.

THIS was my favorite, though. A giant, samurai-like coat made entirely of dog tags.

It practically filled the room!

My cute cuz...

The hanging, lit Ford Tauruses

And this was a preview of a coming attraction. Apparently there are stereos inside these costumes (?) and people put them on and dance to the music. Personally I just thought it looked funny.

so did Amanda...

At the market we shopped in the Italian grocery store and stocked up on a smorgasbord of raviolis for dinner that night. OH, and two giant heads of garlic which we roasted and spread on our bread. YUM.

Well I know it wasn't fraught with the pithy descriptions as of norm, but I haven't quite been feeling the best (I'm 16 1/2 weeks now, can I be past the throwing up/exhaustion phase yet?), but I will do my bestest to keep things more up to date!

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