Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nearly 18 weeks

So I may be one day short of 18 weeks, but for the sake of keeping things relatively simple let's say I'm there already. Heck, let's round it up to the halfway point, shall we?

So here we are...

Baby and me.

In a week and a half that bump will be hanging out of a tankini and baby will get his first taste of natural Vitamin D. Because we don't get it up here in the Pacific Northwest. We take it in pill form.

Note the creamy whiteness of my skin.

In 2 1/2 weeks Matt and I will meet up so they can smear my belly with that goo stuff and we'll get a peek at the gender of the baby. I have a hunch its a boy. Not that I don't want a girl, its just a hunch. Matt's had a dream. My grandma had a dream. My cousin brought us a baby boy book. And it feels like a that silly to say?

Speaking of appointments, yesterday I got up, got dressed and went to work like normal (ok, maybe not normal 'cuz the past two months the getting up and to work part has been subject to rounds of barfing and migraines the likes of which I won't go into here). Around 11 o'clock I realized I had completely forgotten my OBGYN appointment that morning. Not even the haziest recollection that I needed to go somewhere stirred in me as I rose and dressed.

Attack of the Preggo Brain.

Stay tuned for more developments.

Unless I forget to post them.


  1. your husband thinks you look hot :)

    Your Hubby

  2. Adorable! If you have a boy - I have lots of really cute stuff to give you! Yep.. hard to believe, but I couldn't bear to part with some of Vincents things. xx oo Aunty Sue

  3. Warning - the prego brain turns into the even mushier mommy brain! I had been driving around for the last 17 days without a drivers license as I forgot to renew it on January 31st. I still would be without a license if my hubby didn't happen upon the paper last night. And that is only the beginning of the memory loss stuff!

    Great pic of you, you look great!