Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime = Beach Bonfires

Having grown up in Southern California, summertime to me means beach bonfires. Wearing an old sweatshirt and unbending wire hangers to roast marshmallows into oblivion. Singing songs to a guitar and maybe a tamborine. Eating more hotdogs than is good for you. And if it was the end of a school year, perhaps burning a notebook or two that was particularly heinous.

So last week when we headed back to Orange County we just had to have a get together at the beach! That, plus since my parents don't live there anymore its a convenient way to invite and see EVERYONE without needing space to host them all!

Our beach of choice is Corona Del Mar. I have a lot of memories at this beach--I was baptized in Pirates Cove, beach days at the end of the school year with my class, birthday parties, and one of my favorite houses in the world sits perched at the top.

We had our get together there last summer before Heatherly's wedding:

Anyways, in keeping with tradition we and 30 or 40 friends and family or so headed to the sandy shores to play some volleyball, nosh, chat, and as the sun set over the ocean we all gathered 'round the bonfire to make s'mores, chat, and listen to my talented brother Jeremiah sing some of his songs.

Ammah snuggling up with Rusty.  

Becca dominating the volleyball game

Charissa dominating that face

Charissa and her human-like dog Roxanne

My dad and cuz Amanda

My dad is a man of many expressions...

Matt enjoying the game even though the boys were thoroughly whooped

Jeremiah making a nice save

My bro doing what he does...

Us with my longtime friend Michelle and her boyfriend Chris

And last but not least my impression of a dancing raising. Attractive. I know. Think of me next time you eat a raisin.

And for your listening pleasure, one of my bro's songs.

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  1. First of all, YOU WOULD. Thanks for the hilarious picture post :) Second, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful weekend! It was a blessing and an honor. Jeremy's music was awesome as always and thanks for posting the song!