Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Baby Shower

Matt and I just got back from Southern California where we had quite a whirlwind week!

Last Friday night we went and saw Gypsy at the Egyptian Theatre to see my bestie from first grade, Stephanie Wall, give an amazing performance as Louise (aka Gypsy Rose). If you live in the LA/OC area--go see it! While, yes, it is about a stripper, it is tastefully done and you never see anything you shouldn't. I don't think she would have allowed her dad, my dad, brother, husband, etc. to all see it if it had been otherwise! I was moved to tears by tender portrayals, and moved to tears in fits of laughter. You can find more info HERE, and its been extended through the end of July.

On Saturday I was given the huge blessing of an AMAZING baby shower. Seriously, Martha, you should take note. Here's a visual sampling:

Seriously? How cute is EVERYTHING??? And the flowers? Hello! Gorgeous!

Here are the ladies who made this happen:

My Mama #2, Charlene (on the left), hosted the lovely event. 

My friend from 4th grade, Heatherly, who's wedding I was so blessed to be able to help out with last July. 

And lending their hands as well:

Julie & Yvonne & Synthia (who I don't have a pic of!)

The shower was SO much fun, it was so good to get and chat with friends and family!

all the mommies...

my baby's daddy

That's all I've got for you is fading! Doesn't last long these days!!!

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