Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weeks 34/35

I'm not sure how my belly can get any bigger! My belly button is stretched to the max, but thankfully hasn't popped out as of yet! Call it vanity, but I'm glad...

Anyways, here was week 34 taken on an afternoon walk on Mercer Island

And wow, dresses may feel super-comfy during pregnancy but it sure looks like I donned a tent and headed out! It looks like I could house 3 backpackers and their gear under there!

And this is from this morning, now at 35 1/2 weeks:

Sadly I've had to take off the ring I was wearing on my ring finger to stand in for my wedding ring. My fingers and toes (and wrists and ankles and everything else) are swelling up. What joy.  Still not seeing what some women love about being pregnant...for me its been versions of sick, sicker, or just under the weather with some weird other symptoms thrown in. I'm hoping that the saying easy pregnancy = hard labor and visa versa holds true!

Tatum is running out of room to move around, so she's taken up cycling and boxing while in the womb. It feels like when a cat massages you with its front paws, but inside my belly.

punch punch punch punch

Maybe its the fightin' Irish in her...

In regards to what life looks like for the Palmers post-Tatum, everything is still in the air. We had thought Matt would apply for Greenville, SC, but that's looking to not be the best option for us now.  I thankfully have a husband who's priorities are spending time with me and our baby girl and getting to see family over just making the most money he can.

So we're weighing a few other options and continuing to pray to see where God wants us to be. It feels like it changes every week, and has been a long waiting would be nice to get a little clarity! I don't need to know the next 5 years, God, or even the next 3...but it would be nice to know about the next 3 months :-)


  1. Well Greenville SC isn't to to far from me...I think...PS You look super cute!

  2. You look great, no fear...
    At the end of the next 3rd month you will be a happy relaxing breastfeeding mom enjoying the moments of calm at home :-) and walks with dog and baby together...

  3. no i got fisrt pregnant and hope will be success with my first.. :)