Monday, February 27, 2012

Emerging from the Infirmary

For the past week, nearly everyone in the house has been sick.

It started with my dad having laryngitis and something else the week before.  Then Matt started feeling the start of sinusitis on the night of his surprise birthday party. Then my mom and I got the flu..  Then Tatum caught a cold. All while Matt's mom was staying with us. 

Poor Beth.  She was basically an indentured servant while she was here!  I could barely get out of bed, Matt stayed home from work for 3 days (I don't think he took one whole day off while working at REI in Seattle), Tatum's nose was a faucet and she was cranky...I felt so bad for Beth and her vacation!

So if its been a bit quiet from the Oklahoma front the past week, you'll understand why.

We did manage to get to Matt's office and then the zoo last Friday and walk around for about an hour.

Hanging out in Daddy's office...note the bottle of cough syrup on the desk...

Tatum was more interested in Grandma than the gorillas...

The picture of the gorillas was far more interesting!

Awww...look at those sweet little dazed eyes!

So that's where we've been the past week.  On the couch and in bed and going through a gazillion kleenex and feeling like poop.  It hasn't completely released its talons, so your prayers would be much appreciated for recovery for everyone!

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