Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My 28-Week-Old Valentine

Here's my mischievous little Valentine who should have been taking a nap during the time of this picture...but coming home from errands proved just too exciting.

Nap? WHAT nap???

We have a love-ly Valentines Day--Tatum and I made Valentines for family from her footprints.

I blatantly copied this idea from Hot Pot, so don't consider me some original genius.

Unless, of course, you want to.

Isn't that the sweetest little footprint?  Getting her to lie still on her back while I painted her feet with watercolor wasn't all that easy, but a Praise Baby video and a frozen wet washcloth did the trick!

I should have used a thicker card stock, but what I bought said card stock...I just didn't feel how thin it was until I got it home.  And the kraft card is actually a leftover Christmas card--I just covered the stamp with the feet! Yay for recycling and not paying more!

I also made the Pioneer Woman's chocolate cookies, and had a dipping bar where my fam dipped the cookies in either vanilla candy, semi-sweet chocolate or buttercream frosting and then into heath bar, M&M's or Butterfingers.


And Matt got me these gorgeous peridot earrings

Aren't they pretty? They're Tatum's birthstone :-)

Take-out Mexican food and some funny TV rounded out the day...I am so blessed to have a husband I love, enjoy and respect, a baby I'm over the moon crazy for, and family that I not only can stand being around...I actually like it. 

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