Monday, January 18, 2010

Wardrobe Challenge Day 4

Today I lucked out because we spent most of the day lounging around in our pajamas. When evening came, however, it became clear that pajamas just wouldn't do for church or a going away party at an Irish pub for two of Matt's coworkers.

Dressing for going out with REI people is a bit tricky. You see, they, like Matt, live most of their lives in REI gear. When Matt wears the occasional button up shirt to work he's teased to no end. On Friday he got a haircut, wore his new jeans and shirt and had 5 people ask him if he'd had a "makeover."

Thus I donned my faithful North Face pants and an Old Navy thermal. Ironically the last time I went to Old Navy I must have tried on 15 long sleeved shirts but they all fit so awkwardly! Tight arms and room enough in the stomach to have been 7 months pregnant! Finally I found this lovely teal number that had some shape to it. You can imagine my shock, however, when I got home and saw the tag "Maternity" on it. Oh well.

We went to church then were off to Kirkland (yes, like the Costco brand...that's where it started) to go to Wild Rovers Pub. We got there and I did my best to be social though in those situations I can't think of a thing to say and can't hear in a pub atmosphere anyways so I spend an hour and a half smiling pleasantly and trying not to look too awkward. Funny thing, though, is out me in charge of a party and I'm the social butterfly. Mental block, I guess.

That's all for Day Four!

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