Monday, January 18, 2010

Wardrobe Challenge Day 5

Last night we had an awesome windstorm. Those of you who live in So Cal and know the Santa Ana winds will understand what I mean, but I've never heard anything as loud as it was last night! Near deafening! The highest recorded gust was 55 mph, and with us living on the 5th floor on a hill we felt the full brunt of that! Of course Matt slept right through it all...

Last night I watched Coco Before Chanel...she wasn't the happiest of ladies but for anyone who loves fashion and good cinematography its definitely worth your while. Anyways, whever I watch one of these fashion era movies I get inspired in my own dressing. So here's a little 21st century version of Coco's fishermen influence.

Although I doubt she had a 90 lb slobbering dog wanting to play tug-o-war with her all the time.

Today's charity spotlight goes to Hope Force International. My mom has trained and served with them, and in her words:

They have one of the best crisis counseling courses I have ever experienced. Not the pat "Christianese" answers but training on listening and asking questions and responding appropriately to bring emotional and spiritual healing while also meeting tangible needs such food, water, shelter and medical attention. It is a well rounded organization that responds to the whole person - not just spiritually and not just physically. They are centered in Nashville but have a huge presence in Orange County. They believe in preventive training - so they are ready BEFORE disaster strikes and because they are so well respected and are relatively small in comparison to the Red Cross they have been able to get into places quicker and with far less red tape. They were first responders to 911 ( where the organization had it's origins from a group of Pastors who worked directly at ground zero), at Katrina, the Tsunami and countless other natural and man made disasters around the world.

To donate to Hope Force International, click HERE.If there's a charity or organization that you support and want recognized give me a shout!

Also, on a much lighter and more frivilous note, you can place your vote on whether or not you think I should include jewelry in this challenge by clicking HERE and voting on the left hand column.

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