Friday, August 6, 2010

Folk 'n' Roll

Here's a brief (or not so brief) photo tour from last Thursday and Friday.

best friend who dropped everything to meet us at Souplantation

Nana and cousin Amanda with her boyfriend 

i love the craziness in this picture

a little more normal...but we're still a bit "off" (pun intended)

my brother. as only he is.

Corona Del Mar

my Daddy

and my Mama.

my bro and my and my faux bro

make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold

Jamie...the Auntie to all...

Mark, creator of my parents' picture sign, made this one for my Dad!

Aunt Wendy's caption for this was the best: My parents get REALLY excited for Trader Joe's stuff!

Jamie's quick actions put our the sparks on my mom's girls...

to the laughter of all...

then it was family portrait time...

and extended family portrait time!

Jamie made the PERFECT marshmallows

Then J gave us an awesome folk 'n' roll concert

then he broke a string, got another guitar and the show continued on...

and then I took this cool pic.

The end!  I'm finishing up the pics from Heatherly's wedding so check back in for more like this:


  1. Wow! Gorgeous little Heatherly :)

    I really like the way you told your trip story with pictures.

  2. Thanks Jamie! Should I do that more often?

  3. I think its a really great idea. I suggest mixing it up with some photo blogs and some wordy blogs. You are interesting either way.