Monday, August 30, 2010

I heart Canada

Pics soon to come, but just had to get it out there how gorgeous our trip to Whistler was! Holy moley no wonder they wanted to host the Olympics!

It was SO gorgeous and in our day and a half (not even that) there Charissa and i didn't even scratch the surface of all there was to do there! I actually convinced Matt to cancel our reservations in Leavenworth the following weekend because we're GOING BACK! And this time Matt gets to see it!

So far on our list is the Monkido ropes course, the Peak 2 Peak ride with hiking around both mountain tops, and eating lots and lots of really good food.

Cause the day I get back I'm going on a detox...oy.  But more on that later. For now I'll revel in the pictures and memories and get excited for this weekend!

Oh, and funny stories coming later, too...stay tuned.

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