Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Finished No Spend Month! (Albeit a bit early..)

We finished!

Okay, so we actually finished on Wednesday, July 28th because then I was headed out of town and my husband was hosting his parents and we didn't want to have absolutely nothing in the cupboards...but overall we did pretty good!

From July 1 to July 28th we spent $192 on food. (the last post said we were at $193 but looking over the accounts I saw one of the Safeway charges was actually for batteries) We were fortunate enough to get our CSA box of veggies so we ate a LOT of greens this month!

I actually found out I can only make 4 payments per billing cycle so we've just been putting money in a savings account and when August 6th hits we will be able to pay off ALL...did you hear me? ALLL our credit card debt! 

To bring you up to speed on the semi-interesting things in my life, Thursday morning while flying to Orange County I sat next to an interesting young man on the plane ride.

He looked to be about 12 with that gawky gangly hands-are-too-big age, but then I looked closer and he had the attempts of a beard. On his lap he clutched a big, fresh Bible. The whole plane ride he didn't read it, just sat clutching it like a talisman against anything bad happening. Turns out he was headed to LA to look at a Bible college so he must have been older than 12, but I still wanted to get him a sippy cup and pat his head and tell him things would be just all right.

After my parents picked me up we headed somewhere I could get a little taste of home cookin'...Souplantation!!! In however many years I've been going there, their Chinese chicken salad, focaccia bread and clam chowder tastes exactly the same. J met us there for lunch, and sometime during the course of discussion we talked about making your bed and whether or not you like the sheets smooth when you get in.  According to my brother, the best method is to never make your bed so you can get in and "scrinkle" the sheets up around you. My brother, the wordsmith.

Because we can't sit still, we then headed to Mark & Char's to help the bride-to-be "Shop at Char's." She was able to find nearly every single centerpiece item she needed within the boundaries of the house and yard. Amazing.
Then we were off to my Aunt's house for a BBQ and good times all around.  The best moment of the night came from when I was relating our No Spend Month to my Nana.  I mentioned having to make a few "creative" dishes and my brother, being curious about what we had managed to make, asked how I would rate those meals. With a tone showing just a bit of pride I said, "I'd say out of the whole month of meals, only two meals were about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10."

Without missing a beat, Nana responds, "Despicable!"

I think we almost wet our pants laughing at that one. Nothing but the best for Nana!

That's all for today, stay tuned for Pics from the bonfire and J's "Folk n' Roll Concert!"

Oh..and that lovely wedding...but more on that later!


  1. And the perfectly toasted marshmallows and me with a baby hahaha

  2. Kait,

    Great job, Under Budget of $7, which is sure a good thing! Now you can splurge in ice Latte a little.


  3. You did awesome!! And Conrat's on being debt free on the 6th!! WOOT!!! What a fab feeling that is!! :)

  4. Thanks Preeti and Carla! Yes it IS a great feeling! Now we just have to tackle the student loan and save up our 3-month emergency savings...but one step at a time! On the 6th we'll pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate!