Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guard Dog

Before we delve into Heatherly's wedding, I wanted to give you a little update on the Roy Boy.

Most of you, by now, are familiar with his crazy antics. How he helped me paint, sometimes loves a little too much, and how he personally edited my Bible.  

I haven't given him much blogspace lately because, well, he's calmed down a bit. 

I know, I know. Impossible you say...especially those who have actually met him. But lately he's been doing a lot more of this:

and this:

But today while repotting some plants in the backyard, I noticed him staring into the greenbelt and ever so slightly sniffing the air for a long time.  Then slowly the mohawk of hair began to raise along the ridge of his back.

The dog has pretty good senses about people and what's around him, so I called him into the house and locked the door.

Twenty minutes later he went into stealth mode again:

I peered over his shoulder to see what it was, and saw...

a cute little bunny.

Now we may think its cute, but to Roy it was an intruder on his territory and he was not going to have it!

The mohawk rose and a deep growl emanated from his broad retriever chest.

With his sight on the bunny he slowly sank back like a coil being tightened...

Then he SPRANG into action and let out a bark and a growl to scare any intruder!

hair was even standing up on his tail!

the bunny scampered to the far end of the house and Roy bolted to the bedroom to ward him off!

he kinda looks like a bunny here...

Once in the bedroom he got his sights on that terrible, awful intruder jumping on the bed...

Roy get OFF of there!

What? Aren't I a guard dog???

Back and forth from the living room to the bedroom he bolted trying to get a better look at that bunny. 

When I couldn't see the rabbit anymore I let Roy outside (on his leash, of course...who knows how far into the tangle of blackberries he would chase a rabbit!). 

He roamed the perimeter and sufficiently marked every bush to let anyone know this was his home!

When he was finally satisfied he had scared off every furry or feathered creature in the vicinity he headed back, and plopped down in front of the door again...cause you never know if that thing might come back...

Good dog, Roy! I know no crazy bunny is going to attack like the killer rabbit with big pointy teeth from Monty Python!


The end. I will catch you up to date on the wedding soon, I promise.

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  1. Thank God he saved you from that ferocious bunny! LOL!! Gotta love animals, they're so cute/funny!