Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tatum's Second Week

I'm sitting here nuzzling the downy softness of Tatum's light brown hair, breathing in the scent of new baby and a hint of Burt's Bees baby wash, and reveling in the sweetness of being a mom.

The past two weeks have gone by both fast and slow.  Time seems to stand still when I'm just staring at her, and then I look up and its time for bed again.  Things I mean to get done just stay undone. 

Its amazing how much she changes day to day.  She lifts her head, and holds her head and upper body up by herself. She smiles, has giggled, and now focuses on toys suspended over her swing or bouncer.  Yesterday she was looking at pictures in a book, and when I turned around she was holding onto one of the pages.  

One of her favorite places to be is on Daddy's chest.  I love hearing him talk to her, calling her Bucko (a little masculine, but Dad gets to choose his own nicknames), Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Pea. 

Tonight she was exploring her face and then found out she had hair.  She petted it awhile, then all of the sudden grabbed a big hunk of it and yanked with all her might.  And proceeded to scream.  And not let go.  I had to pry her tiny fingers from the death grip she had on herself, and once she was on my shoulder and being held she finally calmed down.

This was from tonight--sheer perfection.  Down to the Alfalfa cowlick.

And I had to showcase this outfit--camo and lace.  That's my baby girl. (with Roy watching over her)

And here's a few more from the past week:

She fell asleep during her bath...must have been very relaxing!

And I love love love love her crazy hair.  Not so much the spit up on my shirt but what the hay...comes with the package :-)

Even on days like today and yesterday, when she must be going through a growth spurt and is wanting to feed every 30-45 minutes and cries her head off if she's not being held, its still the best job in the world just to pick her up and know I'm the one that can instantly quiet her.  Her smile (even if its just her passing gas) makes it all worth it.

Last but not least a little video of our Tater Tot taken by Grandma Beth:

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