Tuesday, August 2, 2011

41 Weeks and Counting


41 weeks and 2 days here.

Are we done yet?

We went to have a fetal non-stress test yesterday, and when asked if Tatum was still moving around I replied definitely. The nurse asked how long it usually took to feel 10 movements and I said, "Usually around 20 minutes if she's awake," and the nurse looked at me doubtfully.  After strapping the fetal monitor on my belly (which made me really really grateful that if I'm in the birth center I won't be having that thing strapped on me the whole time), she handed me a little clicker and told me to hit it every time I felt her move.

By the time the 20 minutes were up I had hit it 15 or 16 times...yup...she's still full of spirit like her name means!

Since we were there we had a biophysical profile (ie another ultrasound).  Personally I wasn't worried about Tatum's not having enough amniotic fluid or her size (seeing as she's still moving so much), but we were there and thought "Eh, why not."  Selfishly I was hoping to get a sneak preview of her face, but she's sooooo low we couldn't get that. We could tell she was holding her hands in front of her face--so Miss T you'd better drop your boxer stance before heading south!

It turns out the level of amniotic fluid is just fine, she's practicing breathing and still wiggling like a monkey, and  their guesstimate for her weight (with a wide margin for error) is 9lbs 3oz! 

This morning we'll be visiting with my midwife and hopefully get the green light for a few new tricks to try to get things going in the labor department.

By the way, if its been suggested, I've tried it with the exception of castor oil which my midwife wanted to wait on since she has seen a lot more meconium (baby poo) in the amniotic fluid (not a great thing since the baby can inhale it) with moms who use castor oil to induce labor.  

I know intentions are good, but I've tried every easy, odd and crazy thing to bring about labor so far, so please no more suggestions.  Little Tatum is just letting us know she's got her own timeline and isn't one to be pushed around (until she's in a stroller).

Hopefully this will be the last pre-baby post and next time you'll see a picture of our little one's face!

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