Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tatum's Fourth Week

Here's our Tatums at four weeks old! I can't believe almost a month has gone by since she was born!  She had her well baby check-up yesterday and she's now 22 1/3 inches and 11lbs 4 oz! She's certainly growing!

Since she was cooperating during this photo session I decided to snap a few more pics...including one with her constant guardian, Roy.  I can't put her on the floor or anywhere without him creeping as close as he's allowed.

Last night I got Tatum to fall asleep in bed before us, and I got to actually sit in a chair and read for a bit.  Roy kept going in the bedroom to check on her and coming out and laying by me.  Then I transferred her to her bassinet (she usually sleeps in bed with us, right by my side...practically on me) and she miraculously stayed asleep! Only problem was Roy had not seen the transfer, and the next time he went to check on her she wasn't on the bed where he could see her.  He was a bit frantic and kept coming out and staring at me, running the bedroom, sniffing around, and coming back to stare at me.  I felt like asking, "What is it Lassie? Little Timmy fell down a well?" I finally took him in and lifted him up a bit  (not easy as he's 85 lbs) so he could see her in the bassinet...then all was well in the Palmer household.

Yesterday Matt and I took Tatum on her first hike on Tiger Mountain.  She slept the whole time in her Ergo baby, but we enjoyed the beautiful trees and lake!  Its the first hike I've been on in months and it felt so good to get back outside and on a trail!

And by the way, did you notice Tatum is part elf?

We've gotten to use our Baby Jogger stroller too, which is AWESOME, by the way!

The fully reclining feature plus a snuzzler make it a perfect napping place!

I finally got a few barrettes for Miss Tatum, too, as her hair is just out of control! I love it!

And since I'm usually the photographer, I got Matt to get a few pics of me and Miss Tatum so there's proof I was actually around during the first month of her life...  ;-)

And here's 2 short videos from our hike:

And here's the sound Tatum makes when in the ergo, or the swing, or the Moby...

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